Felipe Fernando Allué is a screenwriter Spanish, former comic book artist, born in 1965 in Zaragoza.

Biography and works

Felipe Fernando began his career in the 1980s as part of the “team Bustrófedon”.[ 1 ] In a market in crisis, as Spanish from the middle of that decade and the beginning of the next, he worked in magazines toutain Editor, “the Comix Totem” (wild born, 1988) and “84 zone” (DNA, 1989), mostly with Óscaraibar scripts.

For this last magazine and Marketing & utopia Made in USA (1990) continued as a complete author that the critic Jordi Costa has referred to as his “mutant cycle” heir of zapping and authors as Bill sienkiewicz, alan moore and Frank miller.[ 2 ] Then followed S.O.U.L. (1991), scripted by Vicente Rodríguez Sánchez, and definitely solo, the man who laughs and Museum, both in 1992.

In 1994, started to serialize his last series of comic magazine “bullets” so far: black decker. He obtained the post of Lecturer in history of cinema at the Ramon Llull University of Barcelona.

In 1997 he directed the short film Oedipus. The following year, he was the collection of cinematographic essays “widescreen” Glénat.

He was scriptwriter in the roots of blood and Darkness, both from 2002, films and killing words (2003).

In February 2007, and together with 23 other prominent Aragonese cartoonists participated in the collective exhibition “Aragon comics land”, held at the Roncal Joaquín Centre of Zaragoza and curated by Juan Royo.



* 1988 Born wild scripted Óscaraibar to “the Comix Totem” (toutain Editor)

* 1989 DNA scripted Óscaraibar to “84 zone” (Toutain Editor)

* 1990 Marketing & utopia Made in USA, for “Zone 84” (Toutain Editor)

* 1991 S.O.U.L., scripted by Vicente Rodríguez Sánchez for “Zone 84” (Toutain Editor)

* 1992 The laughing man for “Zone 84” (Toutain Editor)

* 1992 Museum “Comix international” (Toutain Editor)

* 1994 black decker “bullets” (Editions Glénat).


* 1997 Oedipus, as director

* 2002 Estate of blood, as screenwriter

* 2002 Darkness, as screenwriter

* 2003 Killing words, as screenwriter