José Luis Cuerda (born 18 February 1947 in Albacete, Spain) is director, screenwriter and producer of film Spanish.


He began to study law, but leaves it in three years and became engineer of radio and television broadcasting. In 1969 joined Spanish television, making reports and documentaries for informational services (five years made more than 500 articles and documentaries). From 1985 to 1987 he worked as a professor at the Faculty of fine arts from the University of Salamanca.

Of various short films in 1982 he directed his first feature film pairs and nones, which would place him in the field of the directors who grow the so-called “madrileña comedy” (Fernando Colomo is another of its most important representatives).

His next film the living forest (1987) will inaugurate a new stage carac­terizada by what can be termed as “absurd humor” career. A year later would work enshrined it as a filmmaker, apart from being a box office success: Sunrise, which is no small (1988). Thus in heaven and on Earth (1995) completes a kind of trílogía with absurd humor as a common element.

With the language of the butterflies (1999) presents a harrowing tender and at the same time view of the Spanish Civil War from the relationship of a child with his master.

Also stands out in his role as producer, making this work in several of his films and three films of the Spanish director Alejandro amenábar (thesis, Open your eyes and others); Apart from being the screenwriter for most of his productions behind cameras.

The second season of Mākii (1997), based on the popular character created by Ivà he directed for television.Filmography


* 2008 – Blind sunflowers

* 2006 – The education of fairies

* 2004 – There are reason! (short film: “The sea runs the Hare”)

* 2000 – First love

* 1999 – The language of the butterflies (based on stories by Manuel Rivas)

* 1995 – So in heaven and on Earth

* 1993 – Playing background

* 1992 – The sow

* 1991 – The widow of Captain Estrada

* 1988 – Sunrise, which is no small

* 1987 – The living forest (adapted from the novel by Wenceslao Fernandez Flórez)

* 1983 – Total (TV movie)

* 1982 – Pairs and nones

* 1977 – Bad recha (TV movie)