Joseph jeph Loeb III is a comic book writer and producer of film and television. Loeb is co-executive producer of the NBC heroes series, and was formerly writer and producer of the television series Smallville and Lost.

Winner of four awards Eisner and five Wizard Fan Awards, Loeb’s career in comics includes many of the major characters as Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, cable, Iron man, Daredevil, Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Avengers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who has developed largely in collaboration with artist Tim Sale, who provides seen in heroes comic art.

Career Historietística

Loeb intensively uses the technique of using explanatory boxes as monologues to reveal the internal character, thoughts even though the same character interactions are few in dialogue.

The first script made by Jeph Loeb was Challengers of the Unknown vol. 2 # 1-# 8 (March – October 1991), who was the first of many works in collaboration with the leading artist Tim Sale. His recent work on this machine were Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman: Dark Victory, and Superman For All Seasons. Still, these comics, very prominent especially by drawings of Tim Sale.

More recently, Loeb was very criticized for its intervention in the Ultimate universe, in charge of the Ultimates 3 and event ultimatum, described as poor script, unoriginal, and too dependent on shock effect. This is including satirized in Ultimate Avengers # 1, written by Mark Millar, where Nick Fury returns the Triskelion and says “I’m going ten minutes and make a disaster”.

In the Weekly Comic Book Review, Andrew C. Murphy gave number 1 Ultimatum a B + praising the drawing of David Finch, Imagine Games Network, Jesse Schedeen said “is the worst comic boo k that you have read”. General criticism agree that Loeb never knew what it was all about the Ultimate universe, and not could adjust to the environment, banalizando it and making it a more bloody version of the regular Marvel Universe.

Also highlights the success of sales “Batman: Hush”, where while his screenplay was poorly received by critics, the artwork by Jim Lee turned this story in one of the best-selling Batman.

Awards and nominations

The Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards

Year       Category              Comic    Editorial

1998       Best limited series           Batman: The Long Halloween     DC Comics

1999       Best graphic album reprint           Batman: The Long Halloween     DC Comics

2002       Best graphic album reprint           Batman: Dark Victory     DC Comics

2007       Best editing in a single story        Batman/The Spirit           DC Comics

Wizard Fan Awards

Year       Category              Comic    Editorial

1997       Favorite miniseries          Batman: The Long Halloween     DC Comics

1998       Favorite miniseries          Superman For All Seasons            DC Comics

2003       Favorite continuum        Batman                DC Comics

2003       Great moment comic of the year              Clayface returns as Jason Todd

Batman # 617     DC Comics

2003       Character support favorite 2003                Catwoman in Batman     DC Comics