Juan Madrid (Malaga, 12 June 1947) is a writer, journalist and screenwriter for film and TV, famous above all for her crime novels featuring Toni Romano.


Degree in contemporary history from the University of Salamanca, he worked in several trades into journalism in 1973. He has been editor at magazines like change 16, aside from writing numerous articles in national and international journals.

Publishes his first novel – A kiss of friend, in 1980, after be runner-up prize organized by the circle of the crime of publishing house Sedmay collection. He has published 40 books including novels, collections of short stories and novels youth and is one of the greatest exponents of the new novel or urban European. His work has been translated into 16 languages.

He has regularly teaching in institutions of Spain, France, Italy, Argentina and Cuba, stressing among others the International School of cinema and television of San Antonio de los Baños in Cuba and Madrid Hotel Kafka.

It has also sworn in numerous awards related to literature and cinema.

Some of his titles have been film (directed by imanol uribe) Días contados numbered or Tangier (performed by himself). He has produced screenplays for television as a Brigade (later published as a series of novels).

Is a writer of detective fiction considered by critics: “any blood spattered jaw there are nuances, and with them Juan Madrid, bringing together works tussock the Spain crimes deep”(J.Goñi,_El_País)

Outstanding works


* A kiss of friend (1980)

* Appearances are not deceptive (1982)

* Nothing to do (1984)

* Gift House (1986)

* Easy work (1985)

* Days are numbered (1993)

* Central Brigade (13 novels set)

* Accounts receivable (1995)

* Bad times (1995)

* Tangier (1997)

* Remains of Carmine (1999)

* Rather strange people (2001)

* The son of Sandokan (2002)

* Group of night (2003)

* Bird in the hand (2007)

* Goodbye, Princess (2008)

* Escape to the South (2008)

* Night bar (2009)

* The Pirates of Ranghum (2009)

* In the South China Sea (2009)

* The guns of Durango (1996)


* Easy work (1985)

* Hotel Paradise (1987)

* Jungle (1988)

* Chronicles of the dark Madrid (1994)

* Tiger trails

* Tales from the asphalt

* Guard inspection

Testing and reporting

* The black hand (1998)

* Amazon: An impossible journey (2001)

* The memory restored, “Malaga, 1937, the death road” (2006)


Juan Madrid has been (some episodes Brigade Central) television writer and author of dozens of arguments for film and television. He also wrote the screenplay of Tangier, film he directed himself.


* Lurking (1987), directed by Gerardo Guerrero, based on the novel nothing to do

* Days are numbered (1994), movie directed by imanol uribe, based on the novel

* Cortázar: notes for a documentary, dir. Eduardo Montes-bradley. Argentina, 2001. (Testimonial participation)

* Dark city (2002), the Mexican Director Fernando Suriñana, based on the dark Madrid Chronicles

* Tangier (2003), debut of Juan Madrid as a director, based on his novel