Juan Martinez fruit, also known as “Juan fruits” Monesterio (Badajoz, 24 January 1977) is a director, screenwriter and producer Spanish which has become known in Europe as the creator of the Peoples of Europe, documentary film which invites the Viewer to make a personal and intimate journey through twenty European populations unknown by the general public.

Juan fruit has written, directed and produced other films or television, documentaries while it is true that it has been with Peoples of Europe which has obtained international recognition.

Today, his documentary productions are broadcast on channels from around the world. In Spain there are emissions in RTVE


After studies in journalism at the University Pontificia of Salamanca (attended the last two at Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg (Bavaria, Germany) beginning on the world of television as an editor in the “Rhythm” of the German music channel VIVA programme.) Following the purchase of Live from MTV and the closure of several programs, including space in which fruits was associate producer leaves Cologne to overlook the small Spanish producers that would play more mixed work: presenter, cameraman, editor, filmmaker, head of production… During these years he wrote the screenplay of the historical documentary “The last Templar”, which would issue on history channel. It was his first documentary of its kind with some relevance.

Next to the last Templar I would stress Hermanados, which won the award for best documentary awarded by TVE in 2004. These productions would be part of more than 100 multi-thematic audiovisual projects for localia TV. In 2006, the Extremaduran is part of the computer that initiates the producer COMEL audiovisual productions and the i-Melilla TV channel for the group in the autonomous city of Melilla GASELEC. During that time does not produce any documentary, focus solely on putting in place new Melilla channel.

Colours CG Foundation

Moves away from the television world momentarily when the energy company E.ON, which at that time had launched a hostile takeover bid for Endesa, tab fruits as internal communications Advisor, by passing to live again in Germany, specifically the city of Düsseldorf. Fruit would be in charge of coordinating E.ON in Spain communication campaign, as well as supervise the work of outside advertising agencies. Thus arises colours communication group, communication group which found fruit in 2007.

The company would be due to the relevant role of Juan fruit and Colours CG in the dissemination of E.ON in Spain, by quickly weight references to be able to consolidate with guarantees in the advertising world. So, later that year, fruit creates the production company orange productions S.L. headquartered in Zafra, Extremadura) and Düsseldorf, project that unites Jesús Pérez, former partner of fruits in Localia TV. orange productions S.L. has recently gained the NEEx award in the category “Best enterprise of new technologies and communication” annually granted by the Junta de Extremadura.

Today, Colours CG houses four “areas for action”: Orange Productions S.L. (production of documentary films and TV), network Concepts (Office of communications and marketing), Blue Intercultura (translation services) and Green Box (record productions and musical promotion).


Juan fruit has lived in various European cities as Cologne, Düsseldorf, Melilla, Madrid, Salamanca or Bamberg. He lives in the city of Nürnberg (Germany), although it spends long periods between Zafra (Spain) and Krakow (Poland).

The Extremaduran is immersed in the making of Roman routes in Europe, another project of documentary film that presents the viewer entangled terrestrial communications created by Roman engineers. The silver route, the section XXIV of the Antonine itinerary, route XXIII and dozens of secondary roads, form part of the today known as “route Vía de la Plata”, the first part of a documentary trilogy comprising the via Claudia Augusta in Germany and the via Tiburtina Valeria Italy.

The Roman roads in Europe project has written and directed by Juan fruits and its presentation took place in June 2009 in Spain. In 2010 he will present in Tokyo and London, as well as other U.S. cities. Juan fruit claimed in an interview in Canal Extremadura TV, which usually attend all presentations, which makes it even more interesting projections, due to the multitude of stories that often narrate in recordings.

Fruit has also been producing “En La Raya” Canal Extremadura TV programme that had been evident good relations between Portuguese and extremeños, in everyday situations. This television space designed for a single season (13 programs), began broadcasting in September 2009, but due to the good audience data and the quality of production, 38 programmes to the 13 previously planned were issued. Raya”would” complete its journey in Canal Extremadura TV in June 2010.

Outstanding documentaries

* The last Templar (screenwriter and co-producer, 2003).

* Of Maimona to Los Santos (screenwriter, producer and director). Would it be historical 16 issued chapters in Localia in 2003.

* Resembling land (screenwriter and co-producer, 2004).

* Twinned (screenwriter, 2005). Award for best documentary awarded by TVE and honourable mention 13th Awards press “Extremadura day”.

* villages of europe – people of Europe-(director, producer and screenwriter, 2007-2008). Broadcast (the 1, La 2, TVEi and other international channels)


* Business brokers (producers, 2009). Emitted in Canal Extremadura Extremadura TV (satellite). Issued on March 11, 2009.

* History of a crisis: suffer large (screenwriter and producer). Emitted in Canal Extremadura on May 6, 2009.

* History of a crisis: the great winners (screenwriter and producer). Issued on May 13, 2009 Canal Extremadura TV.

* Western Sahara world: humanitarian aid (writer and producer, 2009). Issued July 1, 2009 Canal Extremadura TV.

* Western Sahara world: life in the camps (writer and producer, 2009). Issued July 8, 2009 Canal Extremadura TV.

* Roman Roads in Europe: route Vía de la Plata – Roman Europe roads-(director, producer and screenwriter, 2009). Broadcast (the 1, La 2, TVEi and other international channels)

* Roman Roads in Europe: via Claudia Augusta – Roman Europe roads-(director, producer and screenwriter, 2010-2011). In production.

* En La Raya: weekly program for Canal Extremadura TV (producer and screenwriter, 2009-2010).

* International cooperation-(director, producer and screenwriter, 2010). Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia production.

* International partners (writer and producer, 2010). Broadcast on Canal Extremadura TV and Extremadura TV (satellite) on August 24, 2010.

Awards and recognition

* 16Th Awards Council Adviser RTVE finalist “En La Raya” program. (2010)

* NEEx prize with Orange Productions S.L. as “Best company in new technologies and communication”. Founder of the company. (2008)

* Award for best historical documentary awarded by RTVE by “Hermanados” (2007)

* 13Th Awards press “Day of Extremadura” honourable mention by the documentary “Hermanados” (2007)

* Award “Young European” by ARD/ZDF. (2005)


* John fruits is a producer of Canal Extremadura TV programme EN LA RAYA. As curious, even Real Madrid has echoed in this program: http://www.realmadrid.com/cs/Satellite/es/1202815453462/noticia/Noticia/Extremadura_y_Portugal_unidos_por_el_Real_Madrid.htm

* Fruit is the brother of Manuel Frutos, alma mater of the band “Icarus fallen”. Moreover grandson of Juan Martinez, one of the most prestigious of Spain, and son of Daniel Martinez, bassist and Los Riscos tenor sax, the first group Extremaduran edit on vinyl.