Julie Delpy (Paris;) (1969 December 21), actress, singer, Director and screenwriter French.

It works both in Europe and in the United States and was nominated for the 2004 Academy Award for best adapted screenplay for the film before sunset.


Early years

Delpy was born in Paris, daughter of Albert Delpy and Marie Pillet both cinema and avant-garde theatre actors. His father was born in Viet Nam, Cambodia and West Africa, where the grandfather of Julie was colonial official.

Animated by the artistic atmosphere she grew up, Julie Delpy made his debut in the theatre at age five and fourteen he obtained his first movie role in the film Detective, directed by Jean-luc godard.

Two years later, Delpy was chosen as the protagonist of the film La passion béatrice. Salary paid his first visit to New York, going to the city regularly until that settled it in 1990.

Professional career

Julie Delpy gained international success for his role in the film 1991 Europe Europe, with its interpretation of Leni, a girl pro-nazi, which falls of Solomon Perel, without knowing that he is Jewish. After this, offered many roles in Hollywood and Europe.

In 1993, she was chosen by director krzysztof kieślowski to participate in the second film of the trilogy three colours. Appeared as protagonist in three colors: white and made cameos in two tapes of the series.

Delpy, interested by the direction since his childhood, participated in a course of management at New York University summer and debuted as a Director in 1995 with the short film blah blah blah. In 2002 he directed his first feature film Looking for Jimmy, which he also wrote and produced. Experimental, it aired in the United States and France although it go unnoticed. On 10 February 2007 presented at the Berlin International Film Festival 2 days in Paris (Deux Jours à Paris), a new production directed, wrote, starred in and also composed the soundtrack. Alongside her acting Adam goldberg and Daniel brühl. Interestingly, actress, Albert Delpy and Marie Pillet parents performed in the movie the parents of the protagonist. Intersperses his facet as a filmmaker with the interpretation and prepares for 2008 a new album entitled the countess where addition will portray the bloody Countess Hungarian Elizabeth Báthory.

Consolidation in the United States was due to his involvement alongside ethan hawke in the 1995 film before sunrise directed by Richard linklater. The film earned great reviews and is one of the best examples of independent cinema of the 1990s. This success led him to lead the cast of an American in Paris werewolf, although it was regarded as disappointing critically.

In 2004, Julie Delpy reprised her role of Celine by dawn, entitled before sunset sequel. It gathered the same team in the previous and the script was co-written by director Richard linklater, ethan hawke and Delpy itself. Critics were enthusiastic and actress, alongside fellow, was nominated for an Oscar for best adapted screenplay that year.

A great artistic restlessness, Julie Delpy wrote and recorded an album entitled julie delpy in 2003. Three of songs containing the album: “A waltz for a night”, “An ocean apart” and “Je t’ T’aime tant” were used in the soundtrack by sunset.

Delpy currently resides in Los Angeles and was naturalized American in 2001 while maintaining his nationality French.


As an actress

Year       Title       Role       Director

1985       Detective

(Détective)         List girl Jean-Luc Godard

1986       Bad blood

(Mauvais sang)                 Lise        Léos Carax

1987       King Lear

(King Lear)          Virginia                 Jean-Luc Godard

1987       Passion Béatrice

(La passion Béatrice)      Béatrice Cortemart         Bertrand Tavernier

1989       The dark night   Virgin Mary         Carlos Saura

1991       Europe, Europe                Leni        Agnieszka Holland

1991       Homo Faber       Sabeth Volker Schlöndorff

1993       Younger and Younger    Melodie               Percy Adlon

1993       Three color:blanco

(Trois couleurs: white)   Dominique          Krzysztof Kieślowski

1993       The three Musketeers

(The Three Musketeers)              Constance           Stephen Herek

1994       Three colors: white

(Three colors: Bialy)        Dominique          Krzysztof Kieślowski

1994       Killing Zoe            Zoe        Roger Avary

1994       Three colors: Red

(Trois couleurs: Rouge)                 Dominique          Krzysztof Kieślowski

1995       By dawn

(Before Sunrise)               Celine   Richard Linklater

1997       An American Werewolf in Paris

(An American Werewolf in Paris)              Serafine Pigot    Anthony Waller

1998       Hanging in Los Angeles

(L.A. without a map)       Julie       Mika Kaurismäki

1998       A very special gift

(the treat)           Francesca            Jonathan Gems

1999       But I’m a Cheerleader    Lesbian                 Jamie Babbit

1999       The passion of Ayn Rand

(The Passion of Ayn Rand)           Barbara                Christopher Menaul

2000       Sand

(Sand)   Lill           Matt Palmieri

2001       Waking life          Celine   Richard Linklater

2001       Mysteries of sex

(investigating sex)           Chloe    Alan Rudolph

2004       By dusk

(before sunset)                Celine   Richard Linklater

2005       Broken flowers

(broken flowers)              Sherry   Jim Jarmusch

2006       The Legend of Lucy Keyes            Jeanne Cooley John Stimpson

2006       The great scam

(the hoax)           Nina Van Pallandt            Lasse Hallström

As Director

Year       Title       Notes

1995       Blah Blah Blah    short film

2002       Looking for Jimmy           feature film debut

2004       J’ai peur, j’ai, je meurs   short film

2007       Two days in Paris              premiered at the Berlin Film Festival

2008       The Countess    pre-production