July César Rodríguez Caloggero, actor and film director Argentinian, born 26 June of 1979, from age 14 began making homemade short films to his friend and colleague Andrés Raholin. In 1998 made a short film self-taught known as M.A.Q.M.A. in 1999 began to study film. 2000 Finished shooting the short M.A.Q.M.A. Dox a sequel of the above named, and a short film called “Every house is one world” and in 2001 Debuts “The new Paranoia” medium between these periods also performed an experimental movie called “The People Say…” Book1 “. In 2002 it filmed a pilot for TV called “La Terracita”. In this time he also wrote and directed three plays calls “Ultra amazing stories”, “cerebrius park” and “Gangsters times”, presented by his theatre “The stranger Cambalache” group.

Year 2003 creates the International Festival of film/short of Tapiales, where she carries on the posts of Director-General and Director of programming. He also focuses on writing and shooting each edition of the Festival Cinema Tapiales openings.

2006 Presents his book “Memoirs of a ghost”, a work of fiction and poetry.

In 2007 is dedicated to the realization together with Andrés Raholin of the short film “Blur” starring actor Juan Acosta.

Julio Rodríguez Caloggero has worked in various areas of advertising film and now every year organizes each edition of the Festival, international film/short Tapiales, where he also directed and wrote five short presentation for the festival; “Path” (2003), “Home” (2004), “Light” (2005), “Camera head” (2007) and “La invasion de cinema” (2008).