Lawrence Gene David (2 July 1947) is an American actor, producer, director and screenwriter American, Emmy Award-winning and famous for having been the co-creator and writer of the Seinfeld television series. It is also one of the most acclaimed United States comedians. Began his career as a monologist, later turning to writing scripts for television series as Fridays ABC or the successful show Saturday Night Live.


Larry David was born into a Jewish family in the neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn (New York district). He graduated in history at the University of Maryland – College Park Washington in 1969, getting another title in business next year. After a time as some renowned monologist, ABC hired him to be actor and screenwriter of the late show Fridays between 1980 and 1982. Between 1984 and 1985 he collaborated with program Saturday Night Live, although never managed to participate in any sketch, which apparently served as inspiration for the argument of an episode of Seinfeld entitled revenge.

Larry married Laurie Lennard in March 1993, with whom he has two daughters, Cazzie and Romy. Moved to the Pacific coast of living in Pacific Palisades, California). Laurie is a well-known environmental activist, which is reflected in the character of Cheryl David, Larry David’s fictional women series Curb Your Enthusiasm. Due to “irreconcilable differences”, the couple separated in June 2007, divorced the following month.

A surprise on Lopez Tonight show DNA test results showed that David is 63% European and 37% Native American.


During the 1980s he met his future fellow Seinfeld. On Fridays to Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine) met Michael Richards (Kramer), and during his season on Saturday Night Live. In 1989, together with another comic monologues, Jerry Seinfeld, created the series of NBC The Seinfeld Chronicles (later shortened title to Seinfeld), which has been one of the biggest television hits United States history. Apparently his personality was the inspiration for the character George Constance.

In the seventh season, David left the series, batterer again two years later. It has been nominated 19 times Emmy Awards, resulting winner twice, one in the comedy category and one for the script.

In October 1999, the HBO cable network aired a special entitled Larry David: Curb your enthusiasm, which followed the release of a series of television entitled Curb Your Enthusiasm. The first episode of this series of issued in October 2000.

This series is a new version of Seinfeld, since both present an argument in the life of a famous comedian in fiction key. The series, however, unlike Seinfeld is improvised. Players receive a brief summary of what will be the scene and from hence perform performance with spontaneity. Larry David appears as a fictionalized version of himself, a retired famous billionaire socially related persons from their nearby so peculiar and somewhat hilarious circle. Many famous actors have acted as guests as Richard Lewis, Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen.

Other projects

Apart from his work on Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, David has been involved in other projects for cinema and television. In 1998 he wrote and directed the Sour Grapes on two cousins travelling to Atlantic City to play. The film was not or critical and box-office success. David appeared briefly in Woody Allen films: radio day and histories of New York and more later in 2009, he starred in Whatever Works (If the thing works, in his title in Spanish) in which embodies Boris Yellnikoff, alter ego of the New York director. To be zwinglian daughters Hannah Montana series got appeared alongside him in the episode my best friend’s boyfriend.


David was nominated in 2003 Golden Globe Awards “Best actor in a TV musical or comedy series” category for his work on Curb Your Enthusiasm. It was nominated for the same series and in the same category in 2005 and 2006. That same year, many comedians voted you and is ranked # 23 of the list of the 50 best comedians ever acting. David was nominated, in turn, an Emmy award as “Best Actor”. Speculated with the possibility that the series would be cancelled after the fifth season, but in September of 2007, HBO premiered the sixth season on Sunday night.