Lawrence Kasdan, American screenwriter and Director born 14 January 1949 in Miami. He became famous for being the screenwriter of two sequels war of galaxies, and participate in the creation, along with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg character of Indiana Jones, which wrote the screenplay for the film Raiders of the Lost Ark.


After gaining fame as a writer for the first sequel to the war of galaxies, in 1981 Kasdan, wrote the screenplay for his first film as director, Body Heat (fire in the body), film was a success of critics and public. It worked young actors who become stars of the decade such as William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, Mickey Rourke, as well as television Ted Danson. In the year of 1981, also participate in the creation of the Indiana Jones character together with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, and participate in your script.

His next film as director, 1983 would the movie reunion, a choral comedy in which featured actors featured as Tom Berenger, Jeff Goldblum, Glenn Close, Kevin Kline, and William Hurt, which had previously worked in the previous film. Kevin Costner, which become star in her next film, a western entitled Silverado addition of Costner in this film worked many famous and well-known actors of the time such as Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Danny Glover, Brian Dennehy, Rosanna Arquette, or Jeff Goldblum also appears in this film. Silverado 1985 returned to reap a commercially successful while not achieved the goal of revitalizing the Western wearing layer fall after the failure of the gate of heaven Michael Cimino years. Critics felt that the film to be entertaining, contributed little gender and was rather a collection of earlier Westerns.

In 1988 the novel by Anne Tyler adapted The Accidental Tourist, this film would bring together the couple protagonist of fire in the body, William Hurt and Kathleen Turner, they completed the love triangle Geena Davis, who won an Oscar as best supporting actress for this film. In 1990 he repeated with a comedy choral Te amaré until kill you where returns to work with old acquaintances as Kevin Kline or William Hurt and new stars emerging as Keanu Reeves or the unfortunate River Phoenix.

In 1991, you would be made, which for some is his masterpiece, Grand Canyon, a choral film full of great performances and great moments, the film tells the story of several families of the city of Los Angeles that intersect continuously.

In 1994 Kasdan, would go a western, Wyatt Earp, an ambitious film starring Kevin Costner, which gave life to the famous Sheriff, and that had a large number of stars, however, this time the film is not to live up to expectations, and their wasteful footage, make a boring, movie while always emphasize the great interpretation of Dennis Quaid in the role of Doc Holliday. It can give the curious Costner, which had started to become a star with the first western Kasdan would begin to decline just with this film.

Learned of the Western and the surpluses, next Kasdan French Kiss movie would be a minor, comedy though entertaining, it returned with Kevin Kline and matched it with Meg Ryan, always effective actress in the romantic comedy.

His last two films, Mumford and Dreamcatcher have not covered the expectations that always create a Kasdan, which has a short filmography as director is film in most cases quite more than interesting.


year       Title       notes

1980       The Empire Strikes Back                writer

1981       Raiders of the Lost Ark.                 writer

Body Heat           writer, director

Continental Divide           writer

1983       Return of the Jedi            writer

The Big Chill        writer, director

1985       Silverado             writer, director

1988       The Accidental Tourist   writer, director

1990       Te amaré until they kill you          Director

1991       Grand Canyon   writer, director

1992       The Bodyguard                 writer and producer

1994       Wyatt Earp          writer, director

1995       French Kiss         Director

1999       Mumford            writer and director

2003       DreamCatcher   writer and director

2009       Robotech[ 1 ]     writer

2010       Time Share         Director