John Katzenbach (or Jon, born 1950) is a journalist and writer who has also worked as a screenwriter in films based on his own works.


It has been the criminal court for The Miami Herald and the Miami News reporter. His work has appeared in many other newspapers, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. Hart’s war is another of his works was made into a film successfully, starring none other than by Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell.


* In the heat of the summer (In the Heat of the Summer) – 1982

* First Born – 1984

* Portrait in blood (The Traveler) – 1987

* A case pending (Day of Reckoning) – 1989

* Trial final (Just Cause)-1992

* The shadow The Shadow Man () – 1995

* Wit games (State of Mind) – 1997

* Hart’s war (Hart’s War) – 1999

* The psychoanalyst (The Analyst) – 2002

* The history of the insane (The madman’s tale)-2004

* The wrong man (The Wrong Man) – 2006

* Professor (What comes next) – 2010

His film adaptations

* Call to a reporter (based on the novel in the heat of the summer), starring Kurt Russell and Andy Garcia.

* Last judgement (Just Cause) starring Sean Connery and Laurence Fishburne in 1995.

* Hart’s war, starring Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell

* Adaptation of the story of the insane is in pre-production.