Lisandro Alonso (June 2, 1975, Buenos Aires) is a director and screenwriter of cinema argentino. It has also been Assistant Director, editor and producer.

In 2004 the film ‘The dead’ and in 2008 the film ‘Liverpool’ were selected for the Toronto International Film Festival. In 2008 with the Liverpool film wins award Of Asturias to the best film of the Gijón Film Festival

Characteristics of the cinema of Lisandro Alonso

The cinema of Lisandro Alonso falls within the so-called independent film or indie, radical approaches and uncompromising film as a product. The construction of his films is based on an emotional, pace of an intimate character. Sequences with fixed and maintained, levels can participate the viewer through the emotion and recognize human identity of the characters. The pace and the images of his films rub techniques documentaries. The landscape, interior or exterior, is part of his films. The characters wander through space proposed by the director in search of the meaning of their lives.

The same Lisandro Alonso says – his Liverpool film – which has left an impression of tenderness, more feminine, more beautiful, more narrative, but sometimes a little cruel


Director and screenwriter of movies

* 2008 – Liverpool

* 2006 – Ghost

* 2004 – The dead

* 2001 – Freedom

Director of the short

* 1995 – Two on the sidewalk


* 2005 – The dead – Prize “Czech TV’ (Independent Camera)

* 2008 – Liverpool – Principality of Asturias Gijón Film Festival best feature film award