Alejandro Agresti (b. Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 2, 1961) is a film director, screenwriter and Argentine actor.

He has won two awards Silver Condor for best director and best screenplay for his films Buenos Aires vice versa (1996) and Valentine’s day (2004), entitled Spain of Valentine’s day dream.

In addition, the wind which was awarded in 1998 the Concha de Oro for best film at the San Sebastian International Film Festival.


* The Lake House 2006

* A less worse world 2004

* Valentine’s day 2004

* An evening with Sabrina Love 2000

* The wind that 1998

* The cross 1997

* Buenos Aires vice versa 1996

* City life 1990

* Secret wedding 1989

* Love is a fat woman (1987). This film Agresti reflects with remarkable realism and rawness, the desperation of the young generation who managed to survive the bloody military dictatorship which devastated Republic Argentina of the year 1976. It’s a work with a marked pessimistic sentiment, starring a journalist that passes through the reality that live you, both personally and in the generational borders of madness and disenchantment. Set in the city of Buenos Aires, which then undergoing a remarkable obscurantism political period and a social atmosphere characterized by the absence of ideals. Some critics consider this as premonitory film of the havoc that would later produce the open landing of neoliberalism in the country during the Government of Carlos menem.