Luis Alfonso Ospina (Cali, 14 June 1949), is a director, Editor, writer and filmmaker Colombian.


Study film at the University of Southern California and the University of California UCLA.

He made the Cali group along with Carlos mayolo, Andrés caicedo, Hernando Guerrero and other people who in the 1970s founded Cinema Club of Cali, the magazine to film an eye and artistic commune Solar city. He has directed two feature films: pure blood (1982) and breath of life (1989) and has made over 30 short films and documentaries which will include holding people (1977) co-directed with Carlos mayolo as criticism of the so-called pornomiseria Andrés Caicedo: a few good friends (1986), life (and death) of Andrés caicedo, caleño writer eye and view: is endangered the life of the artist (1988), a sequel of grabbing people and Supreme malaise: unrelenting portrait of Fernando Vallejo (2003), about the life and work of the controversial writer Antioquia.

Ospina has also played in the field of the chronicle written in magazines such as El malpensante and Kinetoscope. Currently premieres his film A paper tiger, a mockumentary chronicling the life of Pedro Manrique Figueroa, artist pioneer collage and goulash in Colombia.

His work has received awards at international festivals of Oberhausen, Biarritz, La Habana, Sitges, Bilbao, Lille, Caracas and Toulouse.


Feature films

* 1982 – Pure blood

* 1999 – Breath of life

Short films (cinema)

* 1964 – Closed track (fiction)

* 1970 – Act of faith (fiction)

* 1971 – Self-portrait (sleeping) (experimental)

* 1972 – The bombing of Washington (experimental)

* 1973 Cali: film (Carlos mayolo co-direction) (documentary)

* 1975 – Asunción (Carlos mayolo co-direction) (fiction)

* 1978 – Grabbing people (Carlos mayolo co-direction) (mockumentary)

* 1985 – In search of Mary (Jorge Nieto co-direction) (documentary)

Work in video

* 1986 Andrés Caicedo: a few good friends (documentary)

* 1987 Antonio Maria Valencia: Chamber music (documentary)

* 1988 Eye and view: threats to the life of the artist (documentary)

* 1988 – Sound art block to block (documentary)

* 1989 Slapstick: American silent comedy (documentary)

* 1990 – Goodbye to Cali (documentary)

* 1991 – Burning Chamber (documentary)

* 1991 – At the foot (documentary)

* 1991 – Hair (documentary)

* 1991 – The race (documentary)

* 1993 – Our film (documentary)

* 1993 – Posthumous Lorenzo Jaramillo self-portrait (documentary)

* 1994 – Chapter 66 (Co-Director with Raoul Ruiz) (fiction)

* 1995 Cali: yesterday, today and tomorrow (documentary)

* 1997 – Happy (documentary)

* 1999 Making of The our Lady of the assassins / La Vierge des tueurs (documentary)

* 2003 (B) video art (h) is (video art)

* 2003 Supreme malaise: unrelenting portrait of Fernando Vallejo (documentary)

* 2007 – Between hope and confusion (documentary)

* 2007 – A paper tiger (mockumentary)