Luis Hernán Queen Restrepo Bogotá born 1967) is a Colombian historian, journalist, screenwriter and film director. Advanced history studies in the Universidad de los Andes and Universidad de La Habana. Queen is best known as the creator of CineGira, a project of itinerant cinema which offers you the opportunity of attending movies to millions of Colombians who do not have access to this cultural event.


Born in Bogotá – Colombia 24 November 1967. He studied history at the Universidad de los Andes and in 1994 travels to Cuba as a correspondent for the newspaper El Tiempo (Colombia), where live for five years. During your stay in the island, apart from the time, working at different times as a correspondent: QAP news, Caracol Radio, Diners journal, Zero hour newscast, RCN TV, Group of American newspapers, Newscast Krypton. During your stay in the island, culminates his studies of history at the University of Havana.

On his return to Colombia in 1999, left journalism and is dedicated to the realization, directed numerous documentaries, video clips, short films and institutional videos up in year 2007 wheel his directorial debut, the Crimson dawn film.

Cope with the painful picture of cinematographic exhibition in Colombia and inspired by the Cuban film By first time Queen decides to start the CineGira to carry film forty millions of Colombians who have no access because they live in places where there are no screens or because they cannot afford the entry ballot.

Currently Queen works to promote the CineGira and preparing several film projects including his second feature film.


As a filmmaker, Luis Hernán Reina is characterized by staying at the technological forefront of their craft, implementing always achievements to the most advanced technology that allows you to reduce costs without sacrificing quality of production.

Feature films

* Crimson dawn (2009) Movie that is on display in the first CineGira.

In pre-production

* Steampunk Espresso (In international co-production).

* The last (For 2010).

Short films and documentaries

* Celeste city (1997)

* Cuba Noir (1998)

* Postcards (1999)

* A coffee tacita (2006)

* Appointment in Santa Rosa (2006)


* Production, realization and edit more 60 journalistic notes of between one and seven minutes, television, (1994-1999).

* Production, realization and edition of more than 50 video clips and institutional videos (2000 to 2007).