Manuel rivers Sanmartín, director and screenwriter for film and television; (1965)


He has extensive experience in the world of television and cinema. He has been Executive producer, screenwriter and Director colleagues and frequently is my father, Director of more than friends and screenwriter series such as family doctor and College. Executive co-producer and writer of the first two seasons of the series “My lovely neighbours” of Antena 3. He has participated in the creation of all these series team.

He has also directed feature film inspired by the companions series which won one of higher revenues in the year 2001 with more than 530 million pesetas will not fallaré. However, the film cost 450 million pesetas.

He holds a degree in information science, branch of image, he has done several courses about hearings led by José Miguel Contreras, and has written a screenplay about the life of Maradona for a feature film by César Vidal and Manuel Valdivia released in Italy in 2007.

Currently it is no longer Globomedia after almost 10 years and has been signed by BocaBoca which has filmed a miniseries about the police investigation that led to the arrest of the lone given at Antena 3 in January. He has been Executive producer and writer of the series of Telemadrid “may 2 (freedom of a nation)”. 22 episodes produced in 2008. Enter it when Raul Thomas and directed a miniseries on the life of Raphael to Antena 3 (2010). He is Professor of indent, Camilo José Cela University in Madrid.

He appears in his short film “Sorry, sorry” with a small role.

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Year       Movie

2007       Maradona – the hand of God (G)

2001       No te fallaré (DG)

1998       Sorry, sorry (DGA)


Year       Series

2010       Raphael (DG)

2008-09                may 2 – freedom of a nation (PG)

2008       I am the lone (DG)

2004 – 2006          My lovely neighbors (D)

1998 – 2002          Companions (DG)

1996-97                My father is often (DG)

1995       Family physician (G)

1994       College (G)

* (DG) Director and screenwriter

* (G) writer

* (DGA) Director, screenwriter and actor