Michel Dahmani (Algiers;) (10 September of 1948), better known as tony gatlif is a director, musician, screenwriter, producer and actor Algerian – French Roma ethnicity.[ 1 ] Highlighted in the cinema for his films which explore the majority culture and worldview of the Romani people.

During his career Gatlif has been recognized with several awards and highlights include the Golden Palm in Cannes International Film Festival for Best Director for film Exils, and two César Awards for his music compositions in the films coming and Gadjo DILO.


Early years

Tony Gatlif was born on September 10, 1948 in the city of Algiers, place where he lived most of his childhood. In the year 1960 left Algiers by Algeria revolutionary war (1954-1962) and traveled to the city of Paris, France.[ 3 ] During his studies at the school had the opportunity to have their first approach with the film, due to the early contact with a projector in 16 mm acquired by his teacher to discuss films in class. In this way he discovered his passion for cinema.

When he settled in France he faced a complex economic situation and fell into the world of crime. He spent several years living like tramp in the streets of Paris and guareciendo in theaters grand boulevards.[ 3 ] Luck came to life in 1966, when after reporting the Du Vent Dans Les Branches of Sassafras play, he decided to join the camerino of actor michel simon, which instantly recognized his talent and wrote a letter to his agent will give an opportunity. From this moment, Gatlif began his training and enrolled in acting classes.

Film career

Her first acting debut in 1971 on a play directed by Claude regy, written by Edward bond. At this stage of his life, decided to break into writing, and wrote his first screenplay based on his experiences in the crime and so titled La rage Au poing.[ 3 ] Also, his first opportunity as director came in the year of 1975 in the film her tete in ruine, however, the commercial release of the film was never made in France.

In the year of 1978, he directed and reflected Algeria revolution in movie history La Terra au ventre, which used the life of andreas baader as reference.[ 3 ] Three years later Gatlif produced his first film focused on the subculture of Gypsy entitled runs Gypsy and filmed in Spain.[ 3 ] But their real triumph and debut as director was in the film Les princes, which shows the conflicts faced by the Roma emigrated to Paris.

In the year 1985 together with the collaboration of the famed director gerard levovici presented the film Rue du depart, a tragedy develops in the slums of Paris and where two young people struggle to get ahead and get rid of their economic situation.[ 4 ] Subsequently Gatlif submitted the film Latcho drom, which documents the life and constant migration of various from countries such as gypsy musicians: Egypt, Turkey, India, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, France and Spain.[ 5 ] This film became the first part of a trilogy completed after a period of fifteen years, which will contain the films: Gadjo DILO and Mondo.[ 6 ] Gadjo DILO Gatlif again analyses the Roma culture and especially music. In this film the main character Stephane, performed a musical journey to a community Roma musician Nora Luca seeking and facing a cultural clash between Western culture and Roma people.[ 7 ]



Year       Film        Notes

1975       La Tête in ruine                 _

1979       The Terre au ventre        _

1982       It runs Gypsy     _

1983       Les Princes          _

1985       Rue du départ   Also writer

1989       Pleure pas my love          Also writer

1990       Gaspard et Robinson      Also writer

1993       Latcho Drom      _

1995       Mondo (1995)   _

1997       Gadjo DILO         Also writer

1998       Je suis né d’ d’une cigogne           Also writer

1999       Je suis né d’ d’une cigogne           _

2000       I’m here               _

2001       Swing    Also writer

2004       Live visions of Europe (2004)       _

2005       Exils       Also writer and composer

2006       Transylvania       _


Year       Film        Character

1973       Cat Soup              Unknown character

1975       The Rage au poing           Eric Hung

1975       L’Agression         Gérard Pirès

1976       Celui qui ne te ressemble pas     You jes

1978       Aldo       Unknown character

1979       The Terre au ventre        You F.L.N.

1983       Les Princes          Léo

1986       Havre    Juliet Berto

2002       Lulu        Jean-Henri Roger

2003       UN petit service               Pedro Moreno

2003       Leave Your Hands on My Hips    Viewer


Year       Film        Director

2000       I’m here               Tony Gatlif

2001       Comme a plane                Marie-France Pisier

2004       Exils       Tony Gatlif


Year       Film        Notes

2000       I’m here               Writer: “fusion Flamenco soufi”

Letter: “I was born in Alamo,” “Techno King”, “Mechanics Garage”

2006       Transylvania       Letters: “fureur”, “tchiki tchiki”, “Je t’ai cherche”

Arranger: “mamaliga”, “mahala”, “Fete des masques”, “Free zingarina”, “Keep”

“Le souffle”, “fureur”, “dechirant”, “Le chant du Pope”, “regret”, “Je’ai cherche”, “Le vent”


Year       Result   Award   Category

1983       Nominated         César award       César award for best short fiction – runs, Gypsy

1993       Winner                 1993 Cannes Film Festival             Special Prize of A certain look – latcho drom

1997       Winner                 Locarno International Film Festival           Award to the Ecumenical jury – Gadjo DILO

1997       Winner                 Locarno International Film Festival           Leopard of honour – Gadjo DILO

1997       Winner                 Montreal International Film Festival        Grand Prix of the Americas – by his trilogy about the Gypsies. (Les princes (1982), Latcho drom (1993), Gadjo DILO (1997)).

1997       Second place     Shows international cinema São Paulo   Audience award: best film: Gadjo DILO

1998       Nominated         Brussels International Film Festival          Best European film – Gadjo DILO

1998       Winner                 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival      Best film – Mondo

1998       Winner                 Film Festival, Paris           Public Prize – Gadjo DILO

1998       Winner                 Festival international film Tromsø             Prize audience – Gadjo DILO

1999       Winner                 César award       César award for best music written for a film – Gadjo DILO

2001       Winner                 César award       César award for best music written for a movie – I’m here

2001       Winner                 International Istanbul Film Festival           Special Prize of the jury – I’m here

2004       Winner                 International Cannes Film Festival            Award for Best Director – Exils

2004       Nominated         International Cannes Film Festival            Palme – Exils

2005       Nominated         César award       César award for best music written for a film – Exils

2006       Winner                 Festival international film Flanders           Prix Georges Delerue – Transylvania

2006       Nominated         Festival international film Flanders           Grand Prize – Transylvania