Michel Muller is a comedian, actor, screenwriter and director French born September 9, 1966 in Vienna (Austria).


After having given courses of Mathematics “food” for two years, Michel Muller decided definitively by the show. Show Pas tout blanc, pas tout noir (not all white, not black) is noted for her devoid of all auto black humor censorship. In 1997, achieved a role in the film La voie est free of stéphane clavier. Signed by Canal +, appeared as a reporter for the programme Nulle part ailleurs, then submitted by Nagui, for the space of 2 or 3 minutes called ‘ Fallai pas l ‘inviter’ and performing a ultrajantemente subversive portrait of the guest of the day. He later appeared in the film Wasabi alongside Jean Reno, his first major role in the film. It could see you also comedies Taxi 2 or Asterix and Obelix take on Caesar. It is an eclectic comedian who lends his voice to the comic pre-piloto Maurice et Patapon.

In 2005, released his first feature film ‘ Michel Muller vie est plus belle than the vôtre’. That year was also a program called ‘ Et maintenant qu ‘est-ce qu’ on regarder?’ by tps star.

It has embodied since January 15, 2007 to Pierre hénaut, general practitioner and Mayor of a rural community that decides to present the 2007 presidential election. hénaut président is a corrosive humor, written in collaboration with other three writers, David elkaim, vicent poymiro, and antoine benguigui. It was broadcast until the presidential elections in 2007, with journalists who made their own roles in the fiction of reality show. This fiction of 4 or 5 minutes by Paris premiere has been highlighted by all means of communication for their quality and fineness.

Michel Muller is also producer and Director of advertising.


* 1998: Train de vie de radu mihaileanu

* 1998: Cuisine américaine Jean-yves pitoun

* 1998: La Voie est free of stéphane clavier

* 1998: Asterix and Obelix take on Caesar of Claude zidi

* 1999: Taxi 2 of Gérard Krawczyk

* 1999: Recto/Verso Jean-Marc longval (with Smaïn)

* 1999: Comme a poisson hors de l’eau hervé hadmar

* 2001: Wasabi of Gérard krawczyk

* 2002: Fanfan the Tulipe of Gérard krawczyk

* 2003: Mauvais esprit patrick alessandrin

* 2003: Dalton of philippe haim

* 2004: La vie est à nous! of Gérard Krawczyk

* 2004: C’est pas moi, c est l’autre alain zaloum

* 2005: Michel Muller la Vie est plus belle to Michel Muller vôtre

* 2006: Le Guide of petite vengeance of Jean-françois pouliot

* 2008: Leur morale… et florence quentin nôtre


* 2010: Workshop, monsieur Tanner of stefan liberski