Nicolás López Fernández (* Santiago Chile, 1983) is a film director, screenwriter, producer and actor Chilean. He is noted for his Red average film.


At age 10, and after reading book rebel without a crew from Robert Rodriguez and see kevin Smith Clerks, Nicolás López decided to use his parents video camera to film his first short films. Five years later, he directed Pajero, first film that he would participate in local film festivals. Pajero was a guy that always interrupted it while he was masturbating. With superheroes (1999), López learned how to use digital video to shoot this film about a freak that tries to convince the world that is Superman, and exhibited in Valdivia Film Festival. In 2000 he leads a story in a young man, after break up with his girlfriend, falls for a plant called Florofilia.

López began writing in the newspaper El Mercurio Contact area when he was 12 years old (1996). His column “memoirs of a Penguin” in which he had his life at school from the scene, was a hit and lasted about three years (1997 – 1999). Her film Red average (2004) is the film adaptation of that column. Also writes, between 1999 and 2000, the “López” column.

Nicolás López in the recording of MTV pilot (2003).

He is creator of the production company, founded in 1998, which resulted in a production company (leftovers productions), and is the only festival of independent cinema of Santiago Chile, the Leftover Film Festival. Through this producer López made publicity films Chilean Angel black, urban fragments, three Taxi, Paradise B and lost.

In the year 2002 was selected among the 100 young leaders of Chile. Has done various work for television, most cast on MTV Latin America; He made short film Super boy Bully, he directed, wrote and starred in MTV pilot (alongside Edward Bertrand) and made the script for VMALA’s 2003.

In 2006 he directed Santos, the film, a chilena-española co-production with a budget close to six million dollars. The film starred Spanish stars Elsa pataky, Javier Gutiérrez, Guillermo Toledo and Leonardo sbaraglia argentino. Alejandro Jodorowsky qualify as a “A fun satire”. The DVD was released in July 2010, blu ray will be released.

In 2007, he was signed by actress Salma hayek, so direct a science fiction film, tentatively called 178, cost approximately $ 15 million and will feature renowned actors in Hollywood.

López during 2009 was conductor of the Late show “or as Late,” sponsored by Heineken and Movistar, transmitted on Chilevisión Internet

In 2010, López premiere his third feature film “what a shame your life” by Ariel Levy. With 100,000 spectators are transformed into the Chilean film view of that year, apart from being the romantic comedy more successful 2010, beating Valentine’s day and Eat, Pray, Love.



* Pajero (1998), short film.

* Superheroes (1999) short film.

* Florofilia (2000), short film.

* Average red, rejected tv pilot (2001). Is available as an extra on the DVD of “Average red” (Chilean Edition).

* Red average (2004), feature film.

* Super boy Bully (2007), short film.

* Santos, the movie (2007), feature film

* TBA (2008). It has 178 tentatively, and is also known as a Paradox, or untitled López-hayek Project.

* What a shame your life (2010), feature film.


* Pajero (1999)

* Superheroes (1999), together with Esteban Rojas.

* Florofiia Esteban Rojas, Alfredo Sepulveda and Francisco Ortega (1999).

* Red average (2004)

* MTV pilot (2004) alongside Edward Bertrand.

* Super boy Bully together with fabrizio Copano (2007).

* Santos, the movie (2007)

* What a shame your life (2010)


* Pajero (1999)

* Superheroes (1999)

* Florofilia (2000)

* Black Angel (2000), associate producer.

* Of earnings (2003), associate producer

* Red average (2004), executive producer.

* Normal with wings (2007), producer

* Santos, the movie (2007), co-producer.


* Of earnings (2003), only voice, animation.

* MTV pilot (2004), protagonist of the five chapters of the first season.

* Red average (2004), cameo at the end of the little pigs.

* Are leases (2005), cameo appearance at the party to which assisted Gaston.

* Santos (2007), cameo (cut into mount).

* The toast (2008) cameo.

* Alone (2008), doctor.


* MTV Video Music Awards Latin America (2003)

* MTV pilot (2004)

* Super boy Bully (2007)

* Transantiaguinos (2008)

Video clips

* Robust woman – synergy to Edward Bertrand (2002). They were nominated for VMALA 2002.

* Contest – synergy to Edward Bertrand (2002)

* Chilerobot – synergy to Edward Bertrand (2003)

* Te Quiero see dead – shot outdoors, next to Eduardo Bertrán

* Traigo El Aguante – Santo Barrio alongside Edward Bertrand (2002)

* Takes what Chechy – Claudio Quiñones, next to Eduardo Bertrán

Participation in festivals

Nicolás López to Sam raimi at the Los Angeles Film Festival.


* Tokyo Grand Prix 2004 average red.

* Festival of cinema of Mar del Plata international

* Sitges Film Festival

* SXSW Film Festival

* Los Angeles Film Festival


* Viña del Mar Film Festival 2004 Jury award by Average red.

* APES Prize 2004 Director revelation.

* Rock and Pop “aguards” 2005, best Chilean film.