Patrick Valladares (* Chillán, Chile, Chile 1 December 1982) is a director and film producer Chilean, author of a feature film, several short films, music videos and comics.

He began writing and drawing, editing his own fanzine comic “Janus”, extreme violence, thematic comic edited artisanal way through photocopies, reaching number nine.

In 2002 was the aberration, short film based on the idea of comic zombies, same authorship, a film fan, low-budget and enormous amount of splatter and gore content , now this work. Then they will continue several short films titled “murderous Paranoia” (2004), “this strange artifact” (2004) and ” Top Model ” (2005). Between the years of their studies (Audiovisual Communication).

In 2005, published his first comic book at a professional level (The last breath), Fanzine themes of sexual psycho-killer and black humour, drawn and written by multiple authors and cover of the Spanish author Miguel Ángel Martín.

It is a founding member and partner companies Vallastudio to Christian Fernandez, Patricio Chavez and Evelyn Belmar. 2006 Patrick Valladares debuted in feature film with “CV”, film that mixture of thriller and Surrealism and was selected in an infinite number of national and international festivals.

It is adapting its comic strip “the party” film, a project proposed by Andrea cavaletto, who participates in its implementation. The film will be called “Departyd” of the genre of horror.


* “Departyd”, feature film, HD, 2008. Director, executive producer

* “Curriculum”, feature film, Dv, 2006, Director, writer, executive producer

* “Phone”, short film, Dv, 2006. Director, screenwriter, mounting, actor

* “Top Model”, short film, Dv screenwriter and Director

* “This strange device”, short film, Dv, 2004. Director, screenwriter, mounting

* “Murderous paranoia”, short film, VHS. Director, screenwriter, mounting

* “Consents consent”, short film, VHS. Director, screenwriter, mounting

* “Aberration” short film. VHS. Director, screenwriter, mounting