Jaime Silva (Santiago, Chile;) (1934, 26 December 2010 crosses), was a prominent dramatist, writer and Chilean writer. While high school joined the literary group “The young Laurel”, and there he published his first works: “Oedipus”, “the miser” and “M uchacho wings”. Also in this period he became a director Theatre, riding his work “the rebellion”

In 1958, as a student of the University of Chile, premiered “Panchita Princess”, his first collaboration with singer Luis Advis. This play, in which participated also as an actor, was made on tour to conception and was a season in the Antonio Varas theatre. Since then it has become an emblematic text of Chilean children theater and has not ceased to be represented in the country.

In 1959 Debuts CADIP “Talca Beatas”, and in 1960 “children in the attic”. In 1962, he released “deaf crickets” with Theater ICTUS. In 1963 his work “Arthur and the Angel” won the first prize in the contest organized by Tessier Sunday in the culture House of Ñuñoa. Then will come “the child’s play”, “Don Dionisio mischief” and “the fantastic island of the Casianimales”.

In 1968 he translated and adapted to the Institute of theater of the University of Chile (ITUCH) “comedy of errors” by William Shakespeare, directed by Eugenio Guzmán. In addition to its theatrical work, for several years wrote the librettos for television “the adventures of Cachencho”, children’s program that manages a high rating. In 1969 the ITUCH releases “the Gospel according to St. James”, directed by Pedro Orthous, with music by Sergio Ortega and Guillermo Nuñez designs. This work caused controversy at its premiere, as the ecclesiastical authorities saw it as a mockery towards Jesus. The “new world trilogy” wrote it during their years of residence in Canada, which premiered the first and third part.

He has subsequently released “The life of conception” and has no released “the dark side of the Moon”, “L to Violetera” and two works in an Act, “the birth of a poet” and “mouse Pérez”. It also has projected a volume of poetry [appointment required]. Silva has devoted much of his life to teaching in Chile as abroad. It has also developed a career as a director with their own texts and other authors, classical and modern.

Confessed fan of Samuel beckett and John Radrigán. With ‘ the Gospel according to St. James ‘ said:

I want to make it clear that this is not the traditional Gospel, but my personal recreation of the anecdote of the characters. Old recreation, vested interests are represented in my piece by Dios father while Jesucristo symbolizes the new ones, all who seek justice, equality, the right of everyone. I have a popular theater, a theater that reaches everyone, not just those who attend the theatre digestion

He died December 26, 2010, quiet in your beloved Las cruces home accompanied by Paty, Belen, Huey and his family, who loved him at all times and until the end. Theatre Chilean and world lost one of the best. One of the few that can be called: teacher of teachers.