Patrick Vega (b. 29 March 1970;) (Mercedes, Buenos Aires) is an Argentine film and television screenwriter.


Patricio Vega is professional film and television screenwriter and is dedicated to teaching for more than 10 years. He served as Coordinator as author of the successful cycle The simulators, awarded Gold Martín Fierro and the Clarín Prize; creator of the original idea of the series was, brothers and detectives, in addition, scripts together with Damien Szifrón, author work which earned him the Clarín Prize 2006. He collaborated in the supervision and rewriting the screenplay of “signal”, film directed by Ricardo darín, released in 2007. He was author of the screenplay for music on hold, romantic comedy written to Juliet Steinberg and starring Diego peretti, Natalia oreiro and Norma Aleandro.



* Music on hold (2009)

Collaboration on the script

* The signal (2007)



* Simulators (2003)

* Conflicts in network (2005)

* Brothers and detectives (2006)

* The time we left (2010)