Paul Cantos is a director and scriptwriter of film Spanish, residing in Malaga. Degree in Hispanic Philology and diploma in cinematography, works for years in the realization of audiovisual.


Feature films

-Imagination (2008). Director and screenwriter. Feature-length fiction produced by Cesar Martinez for continuity in scene, takes 27 and El Palenque. The film is directed by rosana Pastor, Jorge Juan, Julián villagrán and zay nuba. Selected by festivals in Malaga, Medina del Campo, Peñíscola, Madridimagen and the sample film European city of Segovia, imaginary also has been present at the Festival of San Sebastian 2008, within the section “Made in Spain”.

Short films

-Cat by Goya (35 mm., 2009). Director and screenwriter. Short documentary film for Dexiderius P.C., featuring Rafa téllez and tony zenet involving Mercedes sampietro, Charlie levi leroy and Mary Casanova. Soundtrack composed by own Zenet and Javier ruibal topics.

-Angel (35 mm., 2000). Director and co-screenwriter. It is a short film by Ricardo young, clea Granados, Blanca Rodríguez and txema blasco. Selected in national festivals, was issued by TVE La 2 Version Española programme and proposed by Kodak Spain for the selection of the Cannes Film Festival.

-Tientos and Sayonaras (35 mm., 2005). Director and screenwriter. This work is a short documentary produced for Dexiderius P.C., takes 27 and Maalaiskunta, which explores the world of flamenco of the figure of José Parra. Selected in festivals and markets in Madrid, Granada, Malaga, Murcia, Marseille and Havana, has also issued by Canal Sur TV. Winner of the Festival international de films de Granada RTVA award.