Paul Greengrass (Cheam, England, 13 August 1955); film director British.

He made his debut in the direction Resurrected in 1989 and after spending several years working in television productions made strange request in 1998, although it was not until 2002 when given to the general public with the excellent bloody sunday, movie that goes through the events of Bloody Sunday with an almost documentary style that has become characteristic in his filmography.

Followed by the bourne supremacy, sequel to the bourne identity, where continued the adventures and the process of self-discovery of the amnesiac spy jason bourne. 2006 Film that takes up almost documentary style to narrate the facts in the flight during the attacks of 9 / 11 ended crashed in Pennsylvania after thwarting the attack on the Capitol thanks to passengers made United 93. But his biggest success at the international level came in 2007 with the film the Bourne Ultimatum, which won three Academy Awards.

As a producer and screenwriter was author of Omagh, film that recounts the bombing in Omagh in 1998.


* Green Zone (2010)

* The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

* They Marched Into Sunlight (2007)

* United 93 (2006)

* The Bourne Supremacy (2004)

* Bloody Sunday (2002)

* The Murder of Stephen Lawrence (1999) (TV)

* Strange request (1998)

* The Fix (1997) (TV)

* The One That Got Away (1996) (TV)

* Kavanagh QC (1995) (TV)

* Open Fire (1994) (TV)

* When the Lies Run Out (1993) (TV)

* Resurrected (1989)


Academy Awards

Year       Category              Film        Result

2006       Best director

United 93            Nominated

BAFTA awards

Year       Category              Film        Result

2007       Best director

The Bourne Ultimatum Nominated

2006       Best British film

United 93            Nominated

2006       Best director

United 93            Winner

2006       Best original screenplay

United 93            Nominated