Albeto Arvelo Mendoza (born 1966) is a director, screenwriter and film producer was born in Caracas, residing in the city of Mérida, Venezuela.


He studied history at the Universidad de Los Andes. In 1986 he Debuts his first two films candles in the fog, and the song of the mountain. They spend more than eleven years before the return to work in the film, when allies with Mérida producer alexis Montilla to the big screen life and two errands, a film based on the novel by Freddy Sosa. The work won the award for best screenplay at the Festival of Latin American cinema in New York.

Back to the production of Montilla for his next film, A House overlooking the sea, which has the performance Spanish imanol Arias and Leandro arvelo. Tape wins awards for the public in Biarritz, Huelva and Fribourg; In addition to the prize Glauber Rocha in Havana.

Also in 2001 he produced and aired the last television which aired on Televen miniseries. Arvelo was one of the creators, along with Juan Carlos López.

In 2005 it premiered the documentary play and fight on the youth orchestras of Venezuela system. The film won several international awards, such as the audience award at Miami Film Festival Award for best documentary at the Festival film Las Americas in Houston, and a special jury mention at the Chicago Latino Film Festival. In addition, in Venezuela it won for best documentary Awards ANAC and the Venezuelan Film Festival.

In 2006 he releases tape fiction Havana, Havana, movie that uses the Atom film production scheme. Tape achieves major national awards such as the Municipal film award for best film, ANAC award to the best feature-length fiction and Award of the Ministry of people’s power for culture to the best piece of film.

cyrano Fernández, his latest film, It was released in October 2007 in the american film institute, Hollywood Film Festival.


Year       Film        Charge Notes

2007       What is the other             Producer             In post-production

Cyrano Fernandez           Director, screenwriter

2006       Ellipsis   Producer

Play and fight     Director, screenwriter

2004       Havana, Havana                Director, screenwriter

2001       A House with sea view Director, screenwriter

The last (series)                Co-creator, co-director, producer

1997       A life and two errands   Director, screenwriter

1986       The song of the mountain            Director, screenwriter

Candles in the fog            Director, producer