Pedro Beltran (Cartagena, April 20, 1927 – Madrid, 9 March 2007), was a writer and actor Spanish.


His first job as an actor was in 1953 in the film under the sky of Spain, of Miguel Contreras towers. Since 1956, he collaborated with filmmaker Luis García Berlanga in works such as Calabuch, El Verdugo, the Heifer and National heritage.

Her debut in 1964 as a writer for the film the strange journey, directed by Fernando fernán Gómez. Other work performed to said film director was the script and the interpretation in the television miniseries El Pícaro (1974), the script of Mambrú went to war (1986), which was nominated for the Goya Awards in its first edition, and performances in works such as journey to nowhere (1986) and seven thousand days together (1994).

On television he appeared in works such as the miniseries Cervantes (1980), Alfonso ungría and scripted by Camilo José Cela, and marked by crime series.

The last Bohemian

Come to Madrid in 1950, he soon began to frequent cultural circles of the Spanish capital. He wore a life style which made that your friends denominasen the last Bohemian. One of them, Fernando fernán Gómez, said of him that “it is a wrong Bohemian living the Bohemian when bohemia exists”. He gained fame writer reciting political poems at various bars, which did not dare to publish for fear to go to jail. Premises more frequented was the Café Gijón, to the point to say that “part of their furniture”. Part of his poems were collected in 2002 in a most called donkey wheel, where fifteen players included Juan Diego, Agustín González, Elena Anaya, imanol Arias, Juan echanove and gabino Diego put voice to your creations.

It was the latter who found his body without life in Madrid pensions on March 9, 2007. At the time of his death, “perico” Beltrán was going through bad economic times, but was preparing a project for the Theatre Spanish.


As an actor

* Under the sky of Spain (1953), Miguel Contreras Torres

* Calabuch (1956), Luis García Berlanga

* Meeting in the city José María elorrieta (1956)

* The tenant (1957), José Antonio Nieves Conde

* Those times of the couplets (1958), Matthew Cano

* The fan José María Elorrieta (1958)

* 15 under the tarp (1959), Agustin Navarro

* Days of fair (1960), Rafael j. Sage

* The statue (1961), of José Luis Gamboa

* The daughters of Helena (1963), of Mariano ozores

* The executioner Luis García Berlanga (1963)

* The rogue (1974), Fernando Fernán Gómez: Chapter 11. How vanity is bad company to walk along tracks and guest

* What makes a girl like you in a place like this? (1978), by Fernando Colomo

* Cervantes (1980), of Alfonso ungría

* National heritage (1981), Luis García Berlanga

* Gay Club (1981), Tito Fernández

* That thing with feathers (1988), of Óscar ladoire

* Seven thousand days together (1994), Fernando Fernán Gómez

* Graffiti (1996), John Estelrich Jr

As a writer

* The moment of truth (“Il time della verità”, 1965), of francesco rosi

* The strange journey (1967), Fernando Fernán Gómez

* Who am I? (1970), Ramón Fernández

* The rogue (1974), Fernando Fernán Gómez

* The monosabio (1978), Ray Rivas

* Mambrú went to war (1985), Fernando Fernán Gómez