Antonio José betancor, screenwriter and film director Spanish born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1942 [ 1 ] and died in Madrid on 3 October 2006 following a long illness.

Member of the Advisory Committee of the International Film Festival of Las Palmas and the Commission Adviser of the Ministry of culture of the Government in Canary in the 80’s studied law and graduated in the official school of cinematography with the practical final work 1971. Then it achieves a March Foundation scholarship and studied several courses at the American University of Southern California. He worked as Assistant Mario Camus and TVE developed series landscapes with figures.

Filmography (as conductor):

* 2004 – Reason

* 1998 – Mararía

* 1983 – 1919: Chronicle of dawn 2nd part

* 1982 – Chronicle of dawn. Valentina

* 1978 – Sitting on the edge of the morning, with feet dangling

* 1972 – Two seventy 70 fifty-three, last work

* 1972. A sculpture

As a writer he participated in all the films directed in the past days (1978).