Phillip Noyce (Griffith, New South Wales, Australia, 29 April 1950) is a film director Australian.


Noyce was born in Griffith, New South Wales, and started making short films at the age of 18. The first one would be entitled Better to Reign in Hell and friends would you use to share. Subsequently, he joined the Australian School of film, television and Radio in 1973, released her first film for television in 1977. After discussion, it released to Backroads (1977), medium but Noyce would get his first commercial success and critical with Newsfront (1978), which won the award for best director, best film and best screenplay from the Australian Film Institute (AFI).

Later, Noyce worked on two miniseries for Australian television with producer George miller: the dismissal (1983) and the cowra breakout (1984).

Noyce leap into the North American industry came the calm (1989) thriller with nicole kidman as the main character.

Then came his blockbusters directing films spy of tom clancy Patriot Games (1992) and present danger (1994) starring harrison Ford as Jack ryan. However, he suffered a tropezón commercial and critical the erotic thriller Sliver (1993), which failed for the leading role of Sharon stone on his first after basic instinct.

Noyce later received a great success in Australia for the “stolen generation”, rabbit proof fence, which won second prize for best film of the Australian Film Institute in 2002.

He was married to producer Jan chapman from 1971 to 1977. Later he married Jan Sharp, with whom he has a daughter, Lucia.


* Salt (2010)

* Catch the fire (Catch a Fire) (2006)

* The Bielski Brothers (announced)

* American Pastoral (announced)

* The quiet American (The Quiet American) (2002)

* Stolen generation (Rabbit-Proof Fence) (2002)

* Patriot Games: Up Close (2002) (TV) (uncredited)

* The bone collector (The Bone Collector) (1999)

* The Saint (The Saint) (1997)

* Imminent danger (clear and present danger) (1994)

* Beset (Sliver) (1993)

* Patriot Games (1992) (patriot games (1992)

* Blind fury (Blind Fury) (1989)

* Calm (dead calm) (1989)

* Heatwave (1982)

* Newsfront (1978)

* Backroads (1977)

* God Only Knows Why, But it Works (1975) documentary dramatized on the Dr archie kalokerinos and Aboriginal health care

* “Castor and Pollux” (1973) (short)

* “That’s Showbiz” (1973) (short)


* Brotherhood (2006) TV series

* Welcome to São Paulo (2004) (segment “Zero branding”)

* Tru Calling (2003) Series (pilot episode 1.01 “pilot”)

* The Repair Shop (1998) (pilot episode – not issued)

* Nightmare Cafe (1992) TV series (pilot episode)

* Echoes of Paradise (1987)(aka Shadows of the Peacock)

* The Hitchhiker (Episodes in 1985) TV series:

* * Episode “The Curse”

* * Episode “The Man of Her Dreams”

* * Episode “Man’s Best Friend”

* * Episode “the martyr”

* * Episode “nightshift”

* The Cowra Breakout (1984) (mini) TV series

* The Dismissal (1983) (mini) TV series