Robert Zeigler Leonard (7 October 1889 – August 27, 1968) was a director, actor, screenwriter and film producer.


Born in Chicago, Illinois, was a few years married actress silent Mae Murray, as part both of the Pictures Tiffany, producer which shot eight films released by MGM.

It was nominated for the Academy Award for best director for The Divorcee and The Great Ziegfeld movies. Both were also nominated Academy Award for best film, won the second of them. One of the strangest titles was the 1949 film noir film The Bribe.

After their first marriage in 1926 he married actress Gertrude Olmstead, which remained together until his death in 1968, made in Beverly Hills, California. He was buried in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery, in Glendale, California.

For his contribution to the film industry, Robert Leonard has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6368 Hollywood Boulevard.

Selected filmography

* The Sea Urchin (1913)

* Shon the Piper (1913)

* The Master Key (1914)

* Judge Not; or The Woman of Mona Diggings (1915)

* Secret Love (1916)

* Danger, Go Slow (1918)

* A Little Journey (1927)

* The Cardboard Lover (1928)

* The Divorcee (the divorced) (1930)

* Susan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise) (1931)

* Dancing Lady (Alma dancer) (1933)

* After Office Hours(1935)

* Piccadilly Jim (1936)

* The Great Ziegfeld (the great Ziegfeld) (1936)

* Maytime (1937)

* The Girl of the Golden West (city of gold) (1938)

* The New Moon (1940)

* Pride and Prejudice (stronger than pride) (1940)

* Ziegfeld Girl (1941)

* Week-End at the Waldorf (weekend) (1945)

* In the Good Old Summertime (1949)

* Duchess of Idaho (1950)

* The Bribe (bribery) (1949)

* Her Twelve Men (1954)

* Kelly and Me (1957)