Samson Raphaelson (March 30, 1894 – July 16, 1983) was an American screenwriter and American playwright.

Born in New York, he worked on nine films with Ernst Lubitsch, including Trouble in Paradise (A thief in the alcove), The Shop Around the Corner (Bazaar of surprises) and Heaven Can Wait (the devil said not!). He also collaborated with Alfred Hitchcock in suspicion. He was the author of the work Day of Atonement, which was adapted to film as the jazz singer, the first talkie. In 1977 the Writers Guild of film (Screen Writers Guild) awarded Laurel Award for a life dedicated to the profession. He taught his profession at the Columbia University until the last years of his life. His wife Dorshka (Dorothy Wegman) was born in 1904 and died in 2005, the last surviving Ziegfeld Follies dancer. Your nephew is director Bob Rafelson, and his grandson Paul Raphaelson photographer.