Tom Tykwer (Wuppertal, 23 May 1965) is a composer, German film director and screenwriter.


Directed by Tom Tykwer. Producer, screenwriter, director and composer.

Tom Tykwer was born in Wuppertal (Germany) in the year 1965. Peter Pan was probably the first movie you saw and said fantasy youth create a magic world parallel was an inspiration that day. Dreamy and infant sense in Peter Pan fascinated as vittorio de sica miracle in Milan.

Another important cinematic experience was watching King Kong (Tom Tykwer, aged nine, discovers that cinema is artificial, made by men). This film particularly marked the beginning of their affection for the genre of horror. Tykwer appoints James whales Frankenstein’s bride and Halloween john carpenter as some of these early findings.

At this point in adolescence, begins to shine his film unbridled passion. To get better access to the films you threw a hand in independent film, which enabled him to leapfrog age restrictions.

Tykwer began making films in Super 8 at the age of eleven, a purely fanatical exercise essentially designed to mimic your favorite movies. As he himself admits, bored friends sufridores. However, he continued to work on similar projects during its passage by school.

He was even more impressed on a visit to Berlin, the apparent cinema paradise. Every night, dozens of classic films were literally offered.

After graduating from high school and send numerous requests without success in virtually all European film schools, he moved to Berlin and worked as projectionist. In 1987 was convirtá in the programmer of the ambitious film movement and parsing scripts for the Department of history and interviewed many of his movie idols for television files.

The desire to make their own films did not form until she met filmmaker Rosa von praunheim, who vigorously purged their fixations in the genre, pushing him to create stories that emerged from their personal experiences. For example, he suggested Tykwer record discussions with his current girlfriend and – in a way exaggerated – transform them into a short film. Because (1990) was screened at the hof film Festival to Tykwer, who was at that time a genuine Mecca of film culture. Because he was received by the audience with laughter and compassionate identification, a totally unexpected reaction that marked the young director.

To communicate intense personal truths, but both challenge the formal experimentation – which was how you imagined that I could make progress – born another short film, Epilog (1992), that Tykwer sank into financial debt, but allowed him and his colleague Frank made (camera) to gain experience.

But let’s return to the hof film Festival in 1990, why Tykwer met there stefan arndt, who also wore a cinema in Berlin. Your idea of doing something in tandem finally paid off when producers in German TV ZDF, kleines fernsehspiel Tykwer gave the opportunity of filming his script deadly maria (Maria Mortalmente), his first feature film. Her influences from horror movies in their youth are very obvious, but in the end becomes a melodrama. History (extravagant and unusual) and its visual form (dynamic), shook the industry in a very unusual way to be a drama, earning a modest theatrical release. But the success was resounding. More than 100 festivals screened the film and even movie theaters in some countries such as Spain, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands and Brazil. The reaction of the Viewer to the first German television film was unmoved (turbadora and emotional), confirming the impact of deadly maria had in the festivles.

Together with stefan arndt, wolfgang becker and dani levy, Tykwer founded production company X Filme creative pool in 1994. The idea was to create a collective of filmmakers with maximum creative control over their productions, guaranteeing that if certain amount of structure and financial security. With Wolfgang Becker, Tykwer wrote the script of Life is All You Get (Life works), while working on his second film winter sleepers (1996/97). This time clearly greater and much more complex than deadly maria. Filming in the Berchtesgaden mountains was the first major challenge for Tykwer and his new company. The hypnotic film qualities typical of the director, drew the attention of the youth audience. He also became a memorable piece at festivals.

All the time that it would not so well in X film, was the financial side. A new project should be developed. Tykwer reviewed an idea which fascinated Because: the relation between coincidence and fate. A small change in the development of a day can have huge consequences, even mark the difference between life and death. The result was run Lola run (Run Lola run), the most successful film in the 1998. The image of a powerful Franka redhead running the streets of Berlin caught to global audiences. He won the Venice Film Festival, which gave him a reputation around the world, winning numerous awards. It grossed more than seven million dollars in the United States, and even more significant, Tykwer was acclaimed actors and directors in Hollywood, becoming a respected author with which to work someday.

To Tykwer that relatively unnoticed step success. At that time he was preparing his next project with powerful Franka, who had become his girlfriend. There was no famous names in The Princess and the Warrior the Princess and the Warrior, not to mention the hometown of the director (Wuppertal) localization was not very spectacular. There, the director was in his element, finally able to discuss the issue you had always intrigued (no financial problems): the instinctive love power for the external challenges and emotional pain.

Just found the X Verleih distribution company, he handed the film to the cinema, allowing Tykwer and his colleagues have the absolute control of the distribution. The film was screened at the Venice Film Festival and more than 30 countries. In 2001 he won a silver Lola, the German Prize for best film. Tykwer says that the Princess and the Warrior was her most successful film to date (EPIC and intimate, personal and universal).

Tykwer almost immediately immersed in a new project. The American firm Miramax Films received awards at the Oscars, specialists suggested a script by Krysztof Kieslowski, Heaven (in heaven), to be filmed in English with English-speaking actors. Tykwer saw his subjects preferred as the guilt and forgiveness in the indent from the Polish, in particular the idea that two lovers are able to save each other and thus being one. Interpreters them were Cate Blanchett and Giovanni Ribisi and it was shot in Turin and Tuscany. Heaven opened the International Berlin film festival in February 2002, and was its most radical film so far. Premiered in practically all countries of the world and also won a silver Lola.

However, at that time, Tykwer was showing some creative exhaustion, exacerbated by a personal crisis. Saw himself at the end of a creative period, and was confused, not know how to proceed.

He received a French company offering to make a film of ten minutes for a choral project called Paris, je t “aime. The film had to be done in one of the 20 districts of Paris, and had to be a love story. Even so, Tykwer wanted to make a film about the end of a relationship (an autobiographical theme at that point in his life). In August 2002, without hardly pre – produce (for lack of time), made True with Natalie Portman and Melchior Beslon (Otto in his film the Princess and the Warrior), a small, team quickly filming in the streets and cafes of Paris. A love story is told as a flash-back with an intense burst of images that Tykwer found personally liberators.

TRUE premiered at the Berlin film festival in 2004 in the competition of short films. With this small film Tykwer reached the utopian outcome that had always expected to see in film. Perhaps that is why gave a happy ending…

He was then ready to embark on the biggest career challenge: filming Patrick Süskind Bestseller Perfume: Story of to Murderer (El Perfume: story of a murderer), along with a new partner, veteran producer Bernd Eichinger.

Tykwer found in El Perfume the story of a character with a deep inner conflict you are trying to seek the recognition at all costs. That motivated you to do this project, since he felt certain parallels with his personal crisis.

With a long pre-production, marked especially by the endless search for actor performed its protagonist, Jean Baptiste Grenouille (which eventually proved to be the young Ben Whishaw), The Perfume was shot in Germany, France and Spain in 2005, in co-production with these three countries. Premiered in 2006 in Europe and the United States.

His last film, “the international” was released in 2009; It stars clive Owen and Naomi Watts.


Tom Tykwer began piano at the age of eight lessons.

Then once conceived his passion for movies, began to appreciate the filmmakers cooperated with composers to create a credible language to music, as well as directors that compose the music of his works.

His first soundtrack appeared rather financial implications. It did not have money to pay for a composer, so he did the work. These early experiences writing allowed him to discover the composition process starts really with the writing of the script, that next to the search for the language of the film, you can find harmony and melodic tone. Alongside his colleagues Reinold Heil and John Klimek, Tom Tykwer has composed the soundtrack for all of his films under the name of Pale 3.

Initially motivated to join forces and create their soundtracks music which consists Pale 3 is not only music for movies. In cooperation with Xaver Naudasher, the alien films creative process is sometimes a kind of liberation.

EL PERFUME, Pale 3 had the opportunity to compose a soundtrack album to be recorded with a large Orchestra, and after a first recording not convinced, Sir simmon rattle was hired to conduct the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.


As director

* The International – money in the shade (2009)

* Perfume – the story of a murderer (Perfume: The Story of Murderer to) (2006)

* Paris, je t’aime (2006) (segment “faubourg Saint-Denis”)

* True (2004)

* In the sky (Heaven) (2002)

* The Princess and the Warrior (Der Krieger und die Kaiserin) (2000)

* Run Lola, run (Lola rennt) (1998)

* Winter dream (Winterschläfer) (1997)

* Die Tödliche Maria (1993)

* Epilog (1992 / I)

* Because (1990)

As a composer

* Perfume – the story of a murderer (Perfume: The Story of Murderer to) (2006)

* Paris, je t’aime (2006) (segment “faubourg Saint-Denis”)

* ICH Dich auch (2005)

* True (2004)

* Head Over Heels (2001) (item “Running one” Corre Lola runs)

* The Princess and the Warrior (Der Krieger und die Kaiserin) (2000) (such as Tykwer)

* Run Lola, run (Lola rennt) (1998)

* Winter dream (Winterschläfer) (1997)

* Die Tödliche Maria (1993)

* Epilog (1992 / I)

* Because (1990)