Valeria Sarmiento (1948, Valparaiso) is an actress, Director, screenwriter and Editor Chilean, who has worked both in film on TV.


Born in Valparaíso (Chile), he studied film at the University of Viña del Mar. She married film director Raul Ruiz in 1968 and five years later they were forced to move to Paris (France) due to the military coup of General Augusto Pinochet in Chile.

Sarmiento directorial debut came just a year earlier, with the premiere of the documentary A dream as color (1972), focused on a group of women dedicated to the strip; the tone of this work would remain in many other documentaries dedicated to women, machismo and similar topics.[ 2 ] Since then, he has served also as editor and scriptwriter, working on numerous projects with her husband. It has also participated as an actress in film dialogues of the exiled (1975) and the short film Voyage d’une main (1985), both directed by Ruiz.



Year       Movie   Role

Director                Screenwriter      Editor    Actress

1972       A dream as color              Sí. Yes

Popular poetry: theory and practice        Sí. Yes                   Sí. Yes

The timers          Sí. Yes                   Sí. Yes

The expropriation                                            Sí. Yes

1975       Dialogues of the exiled                                  Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

1977       Chiens Colloque                                               Sí. Yes

1978       Genèse d’ a repas                                            Sí. Yes

Vocation suspendue                                      Sí. Yes

1979       Le mal du pays Sí. Yes                   Sí. Yes

Gens de nulle part, gens de toutes parts               Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

1980       Le borgne                                            Sí. Yes

Guns                                     Sí. Yes

1981       The Territory                                      Sí. Yes

1982       Het dak van de Walvis                                    Sí. Yes

The man when he is man             Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

1983       Minutes les d’ a film faiseur                                         Sí. Yes

Les trois couronnes du matelot                                                 Sí. Yes

La ville des pirates                                           Sí. Yes

1984       7 faux raccords                                  Sí. Yes

Notre mariage   Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

1985       Voyage d’une main                                         Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

Treasure Island                                                 Sí. Yes

1987       Brise-glace                                          Sí. Yes

1990       Chouette aveugle                                            Sí. Yes

Amelia Lopes O’Neill       Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

1994       Clandestine Viaggio – Vite di santi e di peccatori                                                 Sí. Yes

1995       Wind Water                                        Sí. Yes

Elle         Sí. Yes

1997       Généalogies d’ a crime                                  Sí. Yes

Le film à come                                   Sí. Yes

1998       L’inconnu de Strasbourg               Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

Carlos Fuentes: un voyage dans le temps             Sí. Yes

2000       Combat d’Amour in songe                                           Sí. Yes

2001       Les âmes fortes                                                Sí. Yes

2002       Pink china            Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

2003       CE jour-là                                             Sí. Yes

Une place parmi les vivants                                         Sí. Yes

2004       Oedipus                                               Sí. Yes

2005       Le domaine perdu                                           Sí. Yes

2006       Klimt                                      Sí. Yes

2008       Secrets                 Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

2010       A Closed Book                                   Sí. Yes

Mysteries of Lisbon                                        Sí. Yes


Year       TV movie/miniseries/series        Role

Director                Editor

1976       Utopia                  Sí. Yes

1979       Petit manuel d’histoire de France                             Sí. Yes

Of grands et de gens ordinaires event                    Sí. Yes

1992       Latin Women Beat in California Sí. Yes

The world of children     Sí. Yes

1999       Mon premier french cancan        Sí. Yes

2004       Au Louvre avec Miquel Barceló Sí. Yes   Sí. Yes

2007       The straight province                     Sí. Yes

2008       Litoral                    Sí. Yes

2010       My residence in Chile journal: Mary Graham       Sí. Yes