Sebastian Arrau (b. Santiago, Chile) is a Chilean film and television screenwriter.


After finishing his studies at St. George’s College, he entered to study theatre at acting school from Fernando González, where Moreover from an early age he wrote and directed his own works “Approximately”, “Vampires”, which won numerous awards. As an actor of graduation he worked on mounts with important theatre directors such as “La Gorda” Ramón griffero, directed by Alfredo Castro and “Procedure”. On television she starred in soap opera Mad skin as Antonio Blanco, and where he learned the SOAP format. Coca Gomez wrote the TV series “cheerful Hill” and since then has been work on Channel 13 in hits such as “male”, “temptation”, “Gatas & nuts”, “Papi Ricky”.

The year 2006, wrote and directed his first film: “Doll”. It is currently based in the city of New York, from where writes First Lady, apart from a few guines for American television and film.



* Cerro alegre (1999)

* Male (2003)

* Temptation (2004)

* Gatas & nuts (2005)

* PAPI Ricky (2007)

* First Lady (2010)


* Crazy skin (TVN, 1996) – Antonio Blanco

* Cerro Alegre (Channel 13, 1999) – do?



* Doll (2008)


* Doll (2008)

* Drama (2010)