Victor Gaviria (born 1955 in Medellín) is a film director, writer, poet and writer Colombian. Psychologist at the University of Antioquia and is one of the most renowned Colombian filmmakers internationally. Three films have won numerous international awards and even two of them were part of the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival. In his work Gaviria is recognized by reflect the social reality of her country.


His films are notable for addressing social issues in his hometown, based on build stories of stories of people who have lived firsthand the events and employing these people as actors in their films, known as Actors natural. Currently known three projects which would be preparing Gaviria, the girl in the elevator on the true story of a murder in Medellín in 1968, another known as Sangrenegra, Jacinto cross Usma history better known as Sangrenegra a bandit who lived during the era of the violence in Colombia in the 1960s made famous by drinking the blood of their victims and Latino film inspired by characters and real stories of Colombian and Latin American immigrants in Spain. It will be filmed in Medellín, Madrid and Barcelona.

In March 2009 Gaviria was honored at the Guadalajara Film Festival for his career.[ 1 ]

[Edit] Feature films

* Addition and subtraction (2005) (San Sebastian official selection) and award-winning eleven international awards.

* La vendedora de rosas (1998)(Cannes official selection).

* Rodrigo d future non (1990)

In pre-production

* “Latino” (Prize TVE in co-production Forum, Guadalajara in March 2008 with 250,000 euros)

* The girl in the elevator (supported by the Ibermedia programme Fund in 2005 with 11 thousand dollars)

* Sangrenegra

Short films and documentaries

* Simon Magus (1992)

* The new colony stowaways (1991) (Simón Bolívar Prize).

* The musicians (1986)

* Pass the logger (1985)

* The inhabitants of the night (1983) (Prix Focine)

* Looking for clovers (1979)

Stories and poems

* With which I travel dream (Eduardo Cote Lamus Prize 1978)

* The Moon and cold shower (National poetry prize from the University of Antioquia, 1981)

* The pulse of the cartographer (1987)

* The King of the horrors (1992)

* The pelaíto that did not last anything (1992)

* The King of the horrors (1993)

* Uncle Miguel (1998)

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