Wilfredo Jiménez was a playwright and screenwriter Uruguayan who was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1915 and died in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in September 2003, whose activity linked to cinema and Argentine theatre.

Its relationship with art

He moved very young to Buenos Aires, where associated with the most relevant figures of the Buenos Aires scene of the time. In the middle of the scenic narrow currents events talks, gave his first steps in journalism and then drama as the author and the cinema as a screenwriter.

Among the many works created is Florencio Sánchez passion, envelope which was attended by Pedro asquini that before prohibition of filming this at work in 1955 Jiménez became the screenplay stage play with the address Asquini and Alejandra boero premiered in 1955 at the new theatre and became his most successful and award-winning piece. It happened that some artists that the Government had shut down access to other media were refuge in independent theaters that they lacked official support and suffered closures were less controlled. Versions indicate dislike Florencio Sánchez from Raúl Alejandro Apold, Assistant Secretary for information and Government nation press Peronist since 1949 was by Uruguayan origin – had a conflict situation with the neighbouring country that gave asylum to many exiled politicians – while that in other cases which was censured was the content of the piece.

Besides its scenic work, wrote the screenplays of, among other films, illusions finish off, from Mario C. lugones (1944); Marijuana, León klimovsky (1950); Carlos Gardel was called, by the same Director (1949); The Stimulator, also directed by Lugones (1955), and Luna park and processing 1040, both conducted by Rubén cavallotti. He was the only author who won the award instituted by Argentores in four disciplines (theatre, cinema, radio and television). Among other things, Jiménez wrote the lost love melody plays for radio; Sweet melons Island drama, countless adaptations for the theatre, which included sweet charity, a musical comedy which stood several seasons on the stage and, finally, who said fear, Devic, new play dedicated to Florencio Sánchez premiered in 1996.

Wilfredo Jiménez, who also made trade union activity and was a member of the Board of Directors of ARGENTORES (society General of authors of the Argentina), Vicetesorero and Secretary of the Council of cinema,  died in September 2003 and his remains were burial in the Chacarita cemetery.



* Cannabis smoke (1968)

* Luna Park (1960)

* [[Processing 1040]] (1958)

* The Stimulator (1955)

* The skull (1954)

* Marijuana (1950)

* It was called Carlos Gardel (1949)

* Supernumerary Rodríguez (1948)

* Illusions finish off (1944)


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