Alain Chabat (Oran, French Algeria: 24 November 1958): comedian, humorist, actor, producer, executive producer, screenwriter, voice actor and filmmaker, cartoonist, radio DJ and TV presenter. French nationality is.

Alain Chabat is one of the few French comedians that have managed to adapt to the taste of its country style script based on the American trio Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker pop culture.

His production house called “Chez Wam”, which would mean in verlan “Chez moi” (“my house”,”my own”).

In 2005 he started to finance the anti-racist Association of France mémoires devoirs, in 1901.


[Edit] Children and parish

Reached France in 1963, and his family settled in Massy, who was then a suburb of Paris. It was fairly well-behaved, and changed it school twelve times. He wanted to be a comic book artist or singer.

[Edit] Early in his career

He began drawing comic books and they published a magazine “antirouille” (“Antioxidant” ).

In 1980, set to work in Radio Andorra and france Inter: in it, desktop on Saturday and the morning program and desktop Sunday “l” Oreille in coin “.

In 1984, Pierre Lescure, proposed work on a new chain met in Radio Monte Carlo: channel +. He began on the weather side and five months later, together with Stéphane Sirkis, begin to present the daily variety show “4 c +”. At the time, presenting with Daniel Toscan du Plantier “soon in Canal +”, weekly, and a section of press review on the program “zénith”, presented by Michel Denisot. It also featured “Ricard Passion”, a musical variety show produced and conducted by j. M. Stewart that was broadcast on 150 radio stations.

[Edit] Fame on TV

In 1987, Alain Chabat forms with Bruno Carette, Dominique Farrugia and Chantal Lauby comedians Quartet to the journalist and presenter of TV Philippe Gildas named “Les NUL’s”.

He returned to television in 1988 in the string “Comédie!” to participate in November and December in the programme “La Grosse Émission”, of Dominique Farrugia.

In 2001, presented in Canal + program “Burger Quiz”, where actors and comedians made of contestants who had questions in a fast food place.


As an actor

* 1979: “Série noire”, from alain corneau: an Angel of hell dancing.

* 1987: “cinématon” No. 976, Gérard Courant.

* 1990: “Baby Blood”, of Alain Robak: sacrificed spectators.

* 1991: “Les secrets professionnels du Dr Apfelglück”, Alessandro Capone, Stéphane Clavier, Mathias Ledoux, thierry lhermitte and Hervé Palud: Gérard Martinez.

* 1992: “Pizza Blob”, of Nicolas Hourès: Professor Liégeois.

* 1994: “One Night of Hypocrisy”, from Nicolas Hourès: Thomas.

* 1994: “À folie la”, of Diane Kurys: Thomas.

* 1994: “parano”, by Anita Assal, Alain Rob, Manuel Flèche, John Hudson and Yann Piquer: pilot.

* 1994: “cité La la peur”, of Alain Berbérian: Serge Karamazov(en_”Red_is_Dead”) and Jacques, journalist of TV.

* 1995: “Damn mat” (“Gazon maudit”), of josiane balasko: Laurent Lafaye.

* 1996: “Delphine 1, Yvan 0”, Dominique Farrugia: Pierre Krief.

* 1996: “Beaumarchais, l” insolent”, edouard molinaro: the Court of Versailles.

* 1997: “didier”, from Alain Chabat: Didier.

* 1997: “Le cousin”, from Alain Corneau: Gérard Delvaux.

* 1998: “Month lol”, of Michel Hazanavicius: Étienne.

* 1999: “Trafic d’influence”, of Dominique Farrugia: the cure.    * 1999: “The débandade”, of Claude berri: specialist.

* 1999: “Bricol’Girls’. Video.

* 2000: “Le goût des autres”, of agnès jaoui: Bruno Deschamps.

* 2001: “L’art (délicat) de the séduction”, Richard berry: master of zen.

* 2001: “Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra”, from Alain Chabat: Julius Caesar.

* 2003: “chouchou”, of Merzak Allouache: Tour-Maubourg Stanislas.

* 2003: “Laisse tes mains sur month hanches”, of Chantal Lauby: Bernard.

* 2003: “Do Mais qui a tué Pamela Rose?”, of Éric Lartigau: Peter McGray.

* 2003: “Les clefs de bagnole”, of Laurent Baffie: the seller of dogs.

* 2004: “Ils is marièrent et eurent beaucoup d’enfants”, of Yvan Attal: Georges.

* 2004: “RRRrrrr!”: from Alain Chabat.

* 2004: “Casablanca Driver”, Maurice Barthélémy: Dr. Brenson.

* 2005: “Papa”, Maurice Barthélémy: Pope.

* 2006: “La science des rêves”, by michel gondry: Guy.

* 2006: “Que-moi ta main”, of Eric Lartigau: Luis Costa.

* 2007: “kaamelott (livre V)”: the Duke of Aquitaine.

* 2007: “Garage Babes”. Video.

* 2008: “15 ans et demi”, of Thomas Sorriaux and François Desagnat: Norbert.

* 2008: “La personne aux deux personnes”, of Nicolas & Bruno: Gilles Gabriel.

* 2008: “A monde à nous Frédéric Balekdjian”: Professor of English.

* 2008: “Rien dans les Oyster bags” (TV).

* 2009: “Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian”, Shawn Levy: Napoléon.

* 2009: “trésor”, of Claude Berri and François Dupeyron.

* 2009: “Le siffleur”, Philippe Lefebvre’s.

As a voice actor and dubber

* 1993: “La classe américaine” or “Le Grand Détournement”: deep throat.

* 1997: “didier”: Didier.

* 1998: “The magic sword: in search of Camelot”: two headed in French dubbing Dragon.

* 1999: “Bricol’Girls’.

* 2001: “Shrek”: Shrek in French dubbing.

* 2002: “shrek 3d” (video): Shrek in French dubbing.

* 2004: “Shrek 2”: Shrek in French dubbing.

* 2006: “Do time-vous déjà vu?” (TV series): narrative.

* 2007: “Shrek 3″: Shrek in French dubbing.

* 2007:”Shrek the Halls” (“joyeux noël shrek!”), TV Christmas Special: Shrek in dubbing French.

* 2007: “Garage Babes”.

* 2009: “A night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian”: voice of Napoleon in the French dub.

As director

* 1997: “didier”, which won in 1998 the César award for best opera prima.

* 1999: “Bricol’Girls’. Video.

* 2000: “authentiques”. Video.

* 2001: “Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra”. With this film sold over 14 million and a half innings.

* 2004: “RRRrrrr!”.

Argument. Script. Dialogues

* 1992: “Wayne’s World”, by Penelope Spheeris: French dubbing, written with Dominique Farrugia script.

* 1994: “cité La la peur”, of Alain Berbérian: participation in the script.

* 1997: “didier”: script.

* 2001: “Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra”: script.

* 2004: “RRRrrrr!”

* 2005: “Papa”, Maurice Barthélémy: additional dialogs.

* 2006: “Que-moi ta main”: original idea.

* 2009: “Le petit Nicolas” (film adaptation of stories of character the little Nicholas René goscinny): script.


* 1997: “didier”: co-production.

* 1999: “Bricol’Girls’. Video.

* 2000: “authentique”. Video.

* 2000: “kitchendales”. Video.

* 2001: “Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra”.

* 2001: “Burger Quiz” (TV).

* 2006: “Do time-vous déjà vu?” (TV series).

* 2007: “La Personne aux deux personnes”.

* 2008: “Rien dans les Oyster bags” (TV).

* 2009: “A thousand words”, with eddie murphy.

As executive producer

* 2006: “Que-moi ta main”, of Eric Lartigau.

As TV presenter

* 1998 1999: “La Grosse Émission”, along with other presenters.

* 2001: “Burger Quiz”.



* Award 1998 for best opera prima pur “didier” Caesar.

No award nominations

* César in 1996 for best actor for his performance in “Gazon maudit”.

* 1998 César for best actor for his performance in “didier”.

* 2001 César for best supporting actor for his performance in “Le goût des autres”.

* Award of the public in the European film awards Pageant for best actor for his performance in “Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra”.

* The 2007 César for best actor for his performance in “que-moi ta main”.