Elie Chouraqui (b. Paris, 3 July 1950) is a producer, film director, French writer.

Since the beginning of his career in the 1970s, has been characterized by the diversity of themes in comedies, such as performed et musique, why is David?, the marmots, suspense, films like Man on Fire, a road movie, as Miss Missouri or dramas, such as my first love, harrison flowers or Ô jérusalem. All his productions Chouraqui focuses on issues such as equality, human rights, freedom, love, hope, justice, peace, its origin Jew or identity.


Born in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, in a modest Jewish family with four children, without any relation with the career that led him to become a filmmaker. Completed his studies, he studied literature and law at The Sorbonne, but he left because he believed that only served to follow the footsteps of parents who had studied there.

To make your service military, became captain of the French team of volleyball, participating in numerous Championships, more than 112 times. He worked a short time in the newspaper france soir, wrote articles related to sports.

Film career

While in La ciotat, had his first contact with the film, during the shooting of the film four men and a woman (Smic, Smac, GCOS), directed by Claude lelouch, with whom he became friends and became its Assistant Director in his following films: the adventure is the adventure (1972) and bonne année (1973). He also participated in other 7 productions until 1978, as Assistant of direction, screenwriter and actor in some of them. He also made many advertisements in this period.

In 1978 he wrote, produced and directed his first feature film my first love, with the lead actress anouk aimée. Also that year founded his company sept films Cinema, that participated as co-producer of the film. Although it turned out at a loss, it meant the launch of his career and a critical success.

In the 1980s, he wrote and directed the TV Une page d’amour (1980), which would be the only produced for television. In addition, produced three films: why is David? (1983), Words and music (1984) and armored bullet (1987). Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, add 6 feature films: Miss Missouri (1990), the marmots (1993), liars (1996), flowers of Harrison (2000), or Jerusalem (2006), and Celle to j’aime (2009).

His films have acted outstanding actors and actresses such as anouk aimée, Charles aznavour, catherine deneuve, Christopher lambert, Scott glenn, joe pesci, jonathan pryce, Jacqueline bisset, Marie trintignant, andie macdowell and ian holm among others.

Other facets

In his film flowers of Harrison was the cameraman of the film; While in Jerusalem or participated as an actor.

Chouraqui across new appeared with the implementation stage musical The ten commandments (2000) and spartacus Le gladiateur (2004), both with public success. Is also worth mentioning his participation as producer in Ame agaru (1999) (associate producer), takashi koizumi Japanese film written by akira kurosawa; in the SOAP the marmots (1998) and Victoire, the douleur ou des femmes (2000); and the TV movie Passion assassine (2000).

In 2000 he published his first novel La Vie N ‘est qu’ Une Ombre Qui Passe. And in 2003 he published the essay Le sage et l’artiste, Dialogues written in collaboration with the French writer André chouraqui (no relation).

2008 Was an independent candidate in the municipal elections in neuilly-sur-seine, associated with the wing UMP, resulting elected municipal councillor party.

He is the father of three sons: Caesar, Margaux and Sarah.


* 1978: My first love

* 1980: Une page d’amour (TV)

* 1982: Qu’est-ce qui fait courir David?

* 1984: Performed et musique

* 1987: Man on Fire

* 1990: Miss Missouri

* 1993: The marmots

* 1996: Liars

* 1999: The pluie apres Takashi Koizumi with associated posthumous of akira kurosawa, producer script.

* 2000: harrison flowers

* 2006: Ô jérusalem

* 2009: Celle to j’aime


In 1983 his film why is David was awarded the Cesar award in the category of best film editing.