Anne Hébert (sainte-catherine–la-Jacques-Cartier, 25 km from Quebec, August 1, 1916 – Montreal, January 22, 2000) was a novelist, poet and screenwriter Canadian French.


Anne Hebert. He spent his childhood in Quebec. In 1942 he published his first book of poems, Los Sueños in balance. His second work, published in 1950, was the torrent. The tomb of the Kings appear in 1953, is a work that had worked for ten years. It was hired as a script in the national film board of canada in January 1953. He worked here in Montreal as a writer until the autumn of 1954. He moved to Paris in 1965, after the death of his mother. The rooms of wood novel was published in 1958 and Anne Hébert is an elected member of the Royal society of canada in June 1960. Following the publication of her second novel, Kamouraska, finally achieves success by 1970. The children of the sabbat, a third novel, appears in 1975. In 1978, the Prime Minister of the province of Quebec, René lévesque offers you the post of Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, which rejects. In 1982, after his fourth novel, Heloise, author becomes the fourth French-speaking Canadian and the second Quebec that obtains a Grand literary prize. Indeed, get Femina award for her fifth novel Bassan Follies. In 1983, is named doctor honoris causa by the University of Laval. This title is added to the results obtained earlier by the University of Toronto in 1969, Guelph in 1970, UQAM in 1979 and then McGill University in 1980. In 1988 published his sixth novel, the first garden, tribute to the founding of New France women. A seventh novel, the child dreams loaded, shown in 1992. Aurelian, Clara, Miss and English Lieutenant, a story midway between poetry and prose published in 1995, at the 70años. Two years later published his fifth book of poems, poems for the left hand. In early 1998, Anne Hébert, who had been 32 years living in Paris back to Montreal. In 1999 he published his latest novel, which will be will be A light suit. In fact, dies a few months later at the hospital Notre – Dame de Montreal 22 January 2000. He was 83 years old.



* 1950: The stream (“Le Torrent”)

* 1958: The rooms of wood (“Les Chambres of bois”)

* 1970: Kamouraska (“Kamouraska”)

* 1975: The children of the sabbat (“Les Enfants du sabbat”)

* 1980: Heloise (“Héloïse”)

* 1982: Follies of Bassan (“Les Fous of Bassan”)

* 1992: Child of dreams (“l” Enfant chargé de songes “)

* 1995: Aurelian, Clara, Miss and English Lieutenant (“Aurélien, Clara, mademoiselle et le lieutenant anglais”)

* 1999: A suit of light (“A Habit d’lumière”)

* 2001: Refuge tempo (“Un Libro Tempo”)


* 1942: The dreams in balance (“Les Songes in equilibre”)

* 1953: The tomb of the Kings (“Le Tombeau des rois”)

* 1997: Poems for the left hand (“Poèmes pour la main gauche”)

Short stories

* For sure there is someone (“Il and certainement quelqu’un ‘ a”)

] Movie scripts

* 1953: lock-keeper (short)

* 1954: the charwoman (short)

* 1955: needles and pins (short)

* 1959: La Canne à pêche

* 1960: saint-denys garneau (short)

* 1961: L’ étudiante (short)

* 1973: Kamouraska

* 1987: Les Fous Bassan

Literary awards

* 1943: Award Athanase – David, dreams in balance

* 1952: Prix Athanase-David

* 1958: Quebec – Paris award, the rooms of wood

* 1958: Ludger-Duvernay Prize for his poetic work

* 1968: Molson Prize for poetry sa

* 1971: France booksellers award for Kamouraska

* 1973: Award of the Royal Academy of Belgium for Kamouraska

* 1975: Governor general award for the children of the Sabbat

* 1976: Prince Pierre de Monaco Prize for overall work

* 1978: Prix Athanase-David, for the whole of his work

* 1982: Prix Femina for Bassan Follies

* 1982: Governor general award

* 1984: The letters of the Quebec Academy medal

* 1987: Prize Fleury Mesplet

* 1988: Literary Belgium French Canada-Community Award

* 1990: Governor general award

* 1992: Prize of the Governor-General by the child of dreams

* 1993: Prix Alain-Grandbois, per Le jour n’ d’ égal than la nuit

* 1993: Gilles-Corbeil award for overall work

* 1999: France-Québec Award by A light suit

* 2000: Prix Jean-Hamelin, by A light suit