Antonio Fernández del Real, better known as Antonio del Real (Cazorla, Jaén, 10 August 1947) is a film director and actor Spanish.


Antonio del Real studied sociology studies and surveyors. He has made 14 films, four SOAP and several documentaries.

He appeared in three films: Trileros, Cha-cha – chá and coffee, coca and pure.


Filming of the plot, El Escorial in Baeza, October 2007.

As director

Year       Movie   Functions

2008       Confederacy of El Escorial            Director, screenwriter and producer

2006       From the dawn fancy     Director

2003       Trileros                 Director

2001       The woman of my life    Director

2000       And tell you some stupidity, for example, I love you        Director

1998       Cha-Cha – chá    Director and screenwriter

1997       Crazy heart         Director

1995       Men always lie Director

1994       Finally alone!     Director

1989       Coffee, coca and pure   Director

1988       The river that takes us   Director, screenwriter and producer

1983       !And insurance… deliver us Lord!             Director

1981       Looking for parakeet      Director

1980       The powerful influence of the Moon      Director

As an actor

Year       Movie   Director

2003       Trileros                 Antonio del Real

1988       Cha-Cha – chá    Antonio del Real

1992       Tell me what I want to   Juan Sebastián Bollaín

1987       Biba band!!!       Richard palaces

1984       Coffee, coca and pure   Antonio del Real

1976       Manuela              Gonzalo García Pelayo

1976       The Legion like women (.. .and women like the Legion)                 Rafael Gil

1976       The stash             Angel Pozo

1975       How to kill my father without harmful    Ramón Fernández

1976       The alcove          Eloy de la Iglesia

1975       Profession: polygamous               Anelino Fons

1974       Five pillows for a night   Pedro Lazaga

1973       A drop of blood to die in love     Eloy de la Iglesia

1973       They called the godmother         Mariano Ozores

1973       No one heard shouting                 Eloy de la Iglesia

1973       Lady doctor        Mariano Ozores

1972       Killer week          Eloy de la Iglesia

1972       Alibi in red disc (I due volti della paura) Tulio Demicheli

1971       The Bank             Luis Lucia

1969       Her friends         Pedro Lazaga

1969       Armed crib!        José Luis Sáenz de Heredia