Roberto Bodegas (born in 1933) is a director and scriptwriter of film Spanish.


Born in Madrid on 3 June 1933. He studied in high school, Merchant marine, and philosophy.

In 1958 directed section amateur cinema film Ateneo de Madrid. A year later he collaborates at the official film school.

In 1961 he emigrated to Paris, where he worked with directors such as serge bourguignan, Jean valérie, christien Jacques, Gérard oury, fred zimmerman, patelliere deny and Jacques deray.

Between 1982 and 1990 it collaborates with José Luis garci and Pilar Miró.



* Kill the Nani (1985) director

* Paper heart (1982) director

* Provisional release (1976). (writer)

* The adulteress (1975); (screenwriter)

* The new Spanish (1974); (screenwriter)

* Healthy marital life (1973); (director)

* Spanish in Paris (1971) (director)


* The secret of porcelain (1998)

* The virtue of the killer (1998),

* Routes of round-trip (1995),

* JOC role (1994),

* Condemned to live (2002) on the life of the poet tetraplégico Ramón sampedro, tape prior to Alejandro amenábar

* 20-N: the last days of Franco (2008)