César Miguel Rondón (City of Mexico, 18 November 1953), is a writer, journalist, broadcaster, Publisher and executive producer of Venezuelan television.


Although born in city of Mexico, son of Venezuelan parents exiles during the regime of Marcos Pérez Jiménez, the family returned to Venezuela after overthrown the dictatorship. His father César Rondón Lovera had diplomatic posts in Cuba, Jamaica, Panama

The young Michael Caesar studied at the Universidad Central of Venezuela, philosophy and Social communication at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. During the time that he studied at the Central University of Venezuela, César Miguel Rondón shared classes, among others, Alfredo Maneiro – founder of La cause R-.

Social Communicator


He became a film critic for the “summa” magazine in 1972, responsible for later cultural pages of the newspaper “El Globo”. He also worked on the weekly “seventh day” of The national journal and other media, especially in cultural spaces.

1978 Leaves New York and he continues to publish in Venezuelan diários as mentioned El Nacional, El Diario de Caracas and Meridian. During your stay in the United States met the most important representatives of salsa, compiling the information and carrying out investigations to write The book the sauce, possibly the most important text [ 1 ] who has written this musical genre, considered an anthological work.[ 2 ] During his stay he joined Billboard magazine’s first editor team at Spanish. He returned to Venezuela in 1981 where he continued his journalistic work in El Nacional.


In 1974 began in Venezuela National Radio “in wake passerby”, program has since become one of the most recognized personalities of this medium in Venezuela. Being producer and host of cutting music, news, interviews and opinion programs for several stations. Dealing with the morning star hotario of hits 99.9 FM since 1991 with national audience through Circuit Union Radio. Furthermore leads since 1998 “the interview with César Miguel Rondón” for 90.3 F.M and 1.090 A.M., both of the above-mentioned radio circuit and “The book of Salsa on radio” for radio station wave.


Master life, the second Opera salsa history, composed by the Panamanian artist Ruben Blades, recorded in Studio with the inclusion of symphonic instruments and produced by willie Colón in 1980 for fania records, where he participated as a narrator of the story.


Caesar Miguel Rondón has excelled especially in television Venezuela 12 soap opera writer (including some of the most successful television this country as;) (“Ligia Elena”, “Nacho”, “Amazon”, “the sun comes out for all”, “pretty girl”, “Kaina”) and 21 series, mini-series and feature films. Between 1989 and 1991 he was director of production of RCTV.0 Years he was responsible for the translation and comments live gala of the Oscars in Venevisión, where now works as a consultant.

In January 2000 he presented first opinion “30 minutes” space in Televen, keeping it up to may 2005 as producer and host of the same. He is also writer of five films; “Crab II”, “Night of Sisyphus”, “The secret”, “Nude with oranges” and “Galarraga, pure baseball baseball”.


* 1979. Writer of Master life texts with singer Rubén blades.

* 1979 “The book of Salsa, the music of the urban Caribbean Chronicle”. (1979).

* 1998 “Premiere country”

It has been awarded, among others, the following prizes:

* Cinema national award

* National Association of cinematographic authors award

* Award national artist House

* Venus press

* Recognized in 2004 as “man of television of the year” by the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference.