Leonardo Padrón (12 November 1959) is a writer, teacher, writer, broadcaster, journalist, chronicler and Venezuelan television presenter. His career spans all media writings and audiovisules.


Early life and career

Leonardo Padrón was born in Caracas, Venezuela, September 12, 1959. He began studying letters in the Andrés Bello Catholic University, and subsequently devoted himself to teaching, working in Whetstone, los Andes University, the University of Salamanca (Spain), the Museum of fine arts and creativity Institute and communication (ICREA). It would give their first steps in the media as a journalist, publishing articles, variety and would transfer into writing.

On the Radio

In 2005 he ventured as a broadcaster with the series of interviews “The impossible”, in a broadcast by wave La a superstation’s Union Radio, where carried out three seasons. The program interviews have been published in three volumes “The impossible”, talks to a microphone (Aguilar 2006), “the impossible 2” (2007) and “The impossible 3” (2008).

In media writings

In the publishing world and the press, his performance to been in different positions, as journalist has published numerous articles and as poet has published the successful poems:

* “Poison love” poetry (year 2005) [1] [2]

* “Boulevard” (poetry, two editions, year 2002) [3]

* “Tattoo” (poetry, translated into English) [4]

* “Ballad” (poetry, two editions, translated into Bulgarian, English and German) [5]

* “On edge” (Prime Award for poetry Whetstone, 1983).

* “Chronicles of the vigil” (prize found you test, Honorable mention, 1990).

* He coordinated the collection of publisher Santillana “call it love, if you want to”, consisting of ten books on love.

Without version and with full security, your trabajop better managed media written trilogy of books “The impossible” [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]. The impossible represented a novel approach, a trilogría of books was a series of interviews even group of people, all of them show Latin American, personalities which referred to the merits of each of them, their careers, etc. These three volumes are the result of his series of radial, interviews to be published and converted into books.

Founder of the literary group Guaire and Professor of the school of letters of the UCAB and he has received various awards as the poetry prize of the Whetstone, among others.

Media media

SOAP Opera writer influenced by José Ignacio cabrujas and ibsen Martínez, what must call telenovela cultural and/or realistic. They include.

* “Gardenia” in 1990 with Orlando urdaneta and Charity cannelloni

* “Loves end century”; in 1995, Maricarmen Regueiro, Flavio Caballero, Orlando Urdaneta, Ana Karina Manco, Daniel Lugo and Ruddy Rodriguez

* “Aquamarine”, in 1997, produced in Miami

* “Against wind and tide” in 1997 [14] (Prix National House of the artist as best writer of the year 1997 TV);

* “Land of women” 1998 – 1999 [15] (Prix National House of the artist as best writer of the year 1999 TV), in 2002 was covered by TV Azteca with the same title [16]

* “Full moon lovers” in the 2000 – 2001 [17] (Cacique Gold Award as best Telenovela of year 2000);

* “Cosita Rica” in 2003-2004 [18] [19] (Cacique Gold Award as best Telenovela and best writer of the year 2004, Musa Platinum Award)

* “Holy City” in 2006-2007 [20] [21] (Mara Gold Award as a writer of TV of the year and Telenovela of year 2006 Prize Grand Eagle of Venezuela as best writer of TV and best Telenovela of the year 2006, prize Sun gold as soap opera more Popular of the year and entertainment universe award as best writer of TV and best Telenovela of the year 2006).

* “Whole life” in 2009 [22]

* “The woman perfect” [23] which currently transmits Venevisión.

In addition, he served as anchor of the version for your successful program of interviews, “The impossible” TV.

He has also written the scripts for the Venezuelan movies “Miranda”, “Manuela Sáenz”, “The first time”; “Aguasangre” (film adaptation); and “Rain” (without roll). It has been Municipal cinema award year 2000 for the screenplay of “Manuela Sáenz”, ANAC award as best script of the national cinema of five years by “Manuela Sáenz”, authors film National Association Prize and award Fundavisual Latin, among others.

Between its soap operas most successful are “Against wind and tide” (1997), “El Pais of women” (1998) “Cosita Rica” (2003) and more recently “the woman perfect” (2010)