Daniel Handler (San Francisco, California, 28 February 1970) is a writer , son of Lou Handler and Sandra Handler Day. It is the author of novels for adults, movies and children’s stories, scripts, and is dedicated to the interpretation of the accordion. In some works used as a pseudonym Lemony Snicket, which is also the name of one of the characters in these works.


Handler in a concert accordion.

Daniel Handler was a student of the San Francisco Boys Chorus, and attended Lowell High School. He graduated from the “University Wesleyan” Middletown, Connecticut in 1992. He lives in San Francisco in an old Victorian house and is married to Lisa Brown, an artist who knew in college and had a son, Otto, in October 2003.

Lemony Snicket

Origin and use of the pseudonym

Handler originally employed this pseudonym to avoid using your real name in several organizations who had been investigating for one of his novels right mailing lists. Then, when he was writing the series of children’s books, came the Snicket name used to add an air of mystery to acts; Lemony Snicket is an elusive figure. Handler along with the character of Snicket adds some humor in the biography of each of the books when describes the life of the fictional author and the end of each book page Snicket Writes a message showing that it takes measures something complicated delivered to his editor the manuscript of each book that follows it, as well as in Lemony Snicket’s Web site and the Lemony Snicket’s unauthorized autobiography (where he wrote the introduction). For a little more fun to readers, the American edition of this book cover has a dust jacket that can be “disguised” with a cover The luckiest kids in the world book 1: The pony party! (The children fortunate nás World Book 1: the Party of the pony) by “Loney M. Setnick,” which is an anagram of “Lemony Snicket”. In the book, the same Daniel Handler hinted to be a member of V.F.D.

To time by the end of the first audiobook read by Tim Curry, there was a interview with whom assumes is “Mr. Snicket” but apparently is not at home, and the interview comes with “Mr. Handler,” who is confused himself with his “pattern” during the interview. To avoid any difficult question, Handler invokes a psychological device by which the response to a question can be so horrible that the listener feels as if it were not given completely. A recording titled “Brad Silberling and the real Lemony Snicket commentary” (Brad Silberling and commentary of the real Lemony Snicket) was recorded for the DVD release on April 26, 2005, employing Handler as the voice of Snicket. Brad Silberling is director of the film, and “Lemony Snicket” who planned agreeing to Jude Law, define the actor as “Lemony Snicket imposter”.

Handler has written under the pseudonym a series of children’s novels, A series of unfortunate events (which is known in Spanish as A series of unfortunate events), but the man who started out as a narrator became a character in the series, and even write books Lemony Snicket: The unauthorized autobiography (book translated as Lemony Snicket: the unauthorized autobiography) and 13 shocking secrets you’ll wish you never knew about Lemony Snicket.

Handler has also other additional work under the name Snicket. “The first was It was a dark and silly night (was a dark and ridiculous night), a volume of Art Spiegelman and his wife Françoise Moulyde and Little Lit by Françoise Mouly series.” The story begins “.” In this case, Silly (which means Ridículo Spanish) are acronyms representing S lighty I ntelligent, L L Y aconic argely TSI… “(Yeti_un_poco_inteligente,_en_gran_parte_lacónico).” The second was a short story published in the magazine USA Weekend (a supplementary United States newspaper), dated 10 December 2004. It was a Christmas story entitled “The lump of coal (lump of coal)” and includes two Brett Helquist (who has illustrated all books in A series of unfortunate events to date) colour illustrations. The third was an introduction and half a story for the collection of short stories Noisy outlaws, unfriendly blobs, and other things. Half a story is a contest inviting readers to help finish to win a special prize. The latest is a piece entitled conductor The composer is dead (dead composer), which shall be submitted on July 8 2006 by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

Biography of Lemony Snicket, the character

Character Lemony Snicket’s A series of unfortunate events books is a former critic of theatre that researches and writes the sad story of the Baudelaire orphans. He follows their traces and collects evidence relating to their adventures, but it is possible that he never found with Violet, Klaus, and Sunny in person, although some fans almost identify him as a taxi driver who appeared briefly in the penultimate peril. As the series progresses it becomes increasingly clear that Snicket knew well the already deceased Mr. and Mrs. Baudelaire for many years by means of its connection with the secret organization “V.F.D.”. However, as mentioned in hostile the hospital and at the end of A series of unfortunate events, in spite of all the research and work, he still no known current place, position and State of the Baudelaire children. Lemony was recruited by V.F.D. child, according to the Little Snicket Lad (small boy Snicket) song as well as other information found on the unauthorized autobiography. The Beatrice letters his niece (daughter of Kit Snicket), which is also called Beatrice, mentions that she believes that he is a detective, relating to their investigations in the case of the Baudelaire children, and presumably other cases. Actually he is not a character in the book. However, with the surname Snicket characters appear in this.

Snicket is often derogatory about yourself; described as a coward, and at various points in his novels says that it would not have been as brave as the Baudelaire children have been on their situations. He has also confessed that it has done nothing noble things, most notably the steal the sugar to Esmé squalor. You also implicitly said that had something to do in the death of the parents of the main antagonist of the series, Count Olaf.

Similar to the Baudelaire children, Snicket comes from a family of three brothers. His brother Jacques and his sister Kit were also V.F.D. members and friends of the Baudelaire parents. Both Jacques and Kit appear as important characters in the books in A series of unfortunate events. He also met count Olaf when he was younger, they went to school together.

In his youth, Lemony Snicket attended v.f.d. along with several characters in the series. He attended a Mountains Mortmain V.F.D. Headquarters, and was hired in the newspaper The daily Punctilio after graduating.

During his early life after school, Snicket was a sickly romance with an actress and so-called V.F.D. Member Beatrice, revealed at the end of the series that she is the mother of the protagonists of the series Violet, Klaus, and Sunny. Lemony and Beatrice were engaged to marry, but Beatrice broke its commitment for unclear reasons (although the series strongly mentions that she believed Lemony was responsible for crimes committed in reality by count Olaf) and the ring he returned to Lemony, along with two hundred pages of the book explained because both could not marry. She eventually married another man, Bertrand, and eventually suffered a tragic death in the fire which destroyed the Baudelaire mansion. Frequently Snicket speaks of Beatrice in his stories and dedicated one of his books in A series of unfortunate events. Some dedications, perhaps refer to Beatrice Baudelaire, his daughter deceased mother Kit Snicket’s niece.

The Baudelaire parents believed that Snicket was dead, since it was mentioned in his book the island Olaf-Land (land of Olaf), continuing the tradition of naming children by the name of someone who died, Violet was going to be named Lemony if it had been a child. However, it can be assumed that since Klaus, the second son, was not named Lemony, the Baudelaire parents discovered that Lemony was alive, probably by a telegram Lemony sent them (which appears in The Beatrice letters).

We also know that Snicket was close friends with a woman named “R.”, Duchess of Winnipeg.

Storytelling books, Snicket describes doing unusual things in their free time including: hide all traces of their actions, locate places to hide, taking care of suspicious cymbals, and investigate the dangerous lives of the Baudelaire. He says that frequently writes notes of thanks for trying to animate, but these efforts are in vain. The Grim Grotto, the Captain Widdershins mentions that “brother Jacques”, obviously Lemony, was once part of his crew on the Queequeg. Also said that he was a member of a crew on a cruise ship Prospero.

Snicket enemies constantly are behind him and often attempt to denounce it, and sometimes Snicket speaks traps made to him by his enemies and actions undertaken to escape them. Always said that it was victim of a conspiracy around the world, possibly refers to the enemies in V.F.D. This topic extends the Snicket author blurbs and other advertising materials not written by Snicket.

Secrets of the character

An article on Lemony Snicket’s official site, public fact on May 16, lists thirteen shocking about Lemony Snicket secrets. These are:

* Lemony Snicket is not who you think is.

* Lemony Snicket is one of three brothers.

* Lemony Snicket’s niece is an orphan.

* Lemony Snicket is sought out by fire crime. (This is the Act of intentionally cause fire one of the crimes committed multiple times by Count Olaf during the series)

* Lemony Snicket grew up with a terrible villain.

* Lemony Snicket attended a boarding school.

* As a baby, Lemony Snicket was abducted by a secret organization.

* Lemony Snicket was fired from The daily Punctilio.

* Lemony Snicket helped Beatrice to commit a serious crime before his death.

* Lemony Snicket was disguised as a bullfighter when it was captured.

* The work of Lemony Snicket filled with secret messages to partners.

* Lemony Snicket is the tattoo of an eye in his ankle. (Same tattoo was given to all members of V.F.D. to some extent after the Schism.)

* Already ended. (The secret 13th is completing a puzzle of the file) Concerns that Lemony finished telling the story of Baudelaire.

A series of unfortunate events