Enrique Rosas was a screenwriter, film director, actor and theatre director argentino Buenos Aires Argentina 14 July of 1888 and died in Ituzaingó, Buenos Aires province, Argentina, January 20, 1948.

Early years

He was the son of Louis Russo, Italian immigrant from Naples and Margarita Vaccaro born in Albania. He ran away from home at age 16 and joined the show business working in a circus.

When it came to the theater was very successful performances in works Canyon bottom, Florencio Sánchez; 24-Hour dictator, Enrique García hairy; Mother earth, Alexander Berrutti and, at the international level, father, Strindberg, or wild duck, Ibsen.

Considered the most restless company head of his time, he introduced the country authors as Luigi Pirandello (six characters in search of an author, think of it, Jacobin). Fernand Crommelynck (Horned magnificent), Miguel de Unamuno (a man, Raquel), and leonidas andreieff (thinking). It was also highlighted as director in the implementation of Volpone of Ben jonson, 1929 and which took place at the Teatro Nacional Cervantes of the merchant of Venice, of Shakespeare, in 1944 and works vested interests, Jacinto Benavente, in 1945.

Began as a film director in 1939 with life, brothers and native and participated as an actor in Tango Bar (1935), together with his friend Carlos Gardel, Atorrante (1939) and look at the lilies of the field (1947) to do so in several movies filmed in the United States. He was an autodidact, friend of pilgrimage, an authentic Bohemian who also exhibited his acting skills in Spain, Italy and countless South American countries.

He also directed a theatrical company Rivera rose who founded together his wife Matilda Rivera. The company was presented in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Benito Pérez Galdós Theatre among other Spanish theatres. Someone commented on his Spanish tour If the public you toss their hats still for Europe, and that was what they did.

He died in Ituzaingó, a town in the province of Buenos Aires, near Buenos Aires, January 20, 1948.



* Musical romance (1947)

* Look at the lilies of the field (1947)

* Dead woolly (1946)

* Chained (1940)…. Leandro Lozano

* Atorrante (1939)

* It began in the tropics (1937) (uncredited)…. Judge

* Sandflow (1937)…. Joaquín

* When You’re in Love (1937) (uncredited)…. Hotel manager

* Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936) (uncredited)…. Florist

* Carnival of the devil (1936)

* The Devil on Horseback (1936)…. Colonel Henry Berea

* I love you with madness (1935)…. Hugo Rock

* Rosa France (1935)…. Tesse Marshal

* Hi, Gaucho! (1935)…. Don Miguel

* Silk legs (1935)…. John Baxter

* Angelina or honor a brigadier (1935)…. Brigadier Don Marcial Ortiz

* Tango Bar (1935)…. Commander Zerrillo

* Timberesque (1935)

* When you suicidal? (1932)…. Moses

* Battle of Maipú (1912)… Bernardo O’Higgins


* Chained (1940)

* Atorrante (1939)

* Front to life (1939)

* Brothers (1939)

* Native (1939)

* …And dreams become (1939)

* Silk legs (1935)


* Atorrante (1939)

* Brothers (1939)

* Native (1939)

* Gallery of hope (Chingolo) (1934)

Assistant Director

* Barbaric Pampa (1945)


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