Pablo Llorens (Alcoy, Alicante, 19 June 1967) is Spanish specialized in the art of stop-motion animator. The majority of his films have been characterized by the presence of imaginary worlds which are often realccionada sci-fi, anything whose protagonists are usually misfits and mysterious beings or present extraterrestrial elements.

From an early age he devoted to animating plasticine. One of his first short films, snail, col, col (1995) received the Goya Award for the best animated short film. In 1999 he filmed a feature film using the same technique, game children and miniseries, “Pérez and Donato”. Its activity was extended to the realization of video clips musicals, animation for television (doc franky) and spots series advertising for various companies (among which emphasizes The García, campaign introduction of the euro in Spain).

He created his own animation studio, Potens Plastianimation in 2001. The enigma of the croqueta boy short again won the Goya Award for best short film animation in 2005. There is a book published on the realization of this short, thus became “The enigma of the croqueta boy” (Edicions Ponent).

Selected filmography

Short films

* 1987 – A hungry world

* 1990 – Gastropotens

* 1991 – BAAAD news

* 1992 – The child is crying

* 1994 Gastropotens II. Toxic mutation

* 1995 – Caracol, col, col

* 1996 – Gene fury

* 2004 – The enigma of the croqueta boy

* 2007 men maldicion triangle

* 2008 – Chokopulpitos

* 2008 molecular zombie

TV series

* 1996 – Pérez and Donato

* 1999 – doc franky

Feature films

* 1999 – Child’s play