Gustavo Hernández Pérez (born 21 February 1974) Native Caracas is a film Director Venezolano, producer and screenwriter.


Hernández Pérez graduated in Social communication from the Universidad Central of Venezuela school. After his studies in the Training Institute film COTRAIN and the school of film and television Caracas, he obtained a master’s degree in film direction at the prestigious american film institute (AFI) located in Los Angeles, California. Within their recognitions Hernández Pérez received the AFI Franklin j. Schaffner award Fellowship Award for Best Director of the year 2003, and the directors guild of america (Union of Directors of United States) awarded him the award for Best Director Latin of the year 2003 in the DGA Student Film Awards.

the mexican dream, written and directed by Hernández Pérez, won 13 international film festivals. National runner-up was in the 2003 Student Academy Awards, and won a distribution with HBO for two years.


* The Wigeon, feature – Horror and mystery – In pre-production (2011)

* the mexican dream, short – comedy (2003)

* Juanvasanjuan, documentary (1998)

Year       Title       Awards

1998       Juanvasanjuan

2003       The Mexican Dream

* Best Director Latin of the year. Directors Guild of America Union of Directors of United States. DGA Student Film Awards.

* Best Director of the year. AFI Franklin j. Schaffner award Fellowship Award.

* Prize best short Original Platinum. Houston World Festival.

* Prize best short comedy Platinum. Houston World Festival.

* Best short fiction. Festival San Francisco film world.

* Best short film. Category Video. Valdivia international film festival, Chile.

* Large audience award. Best short film. Festival of cinema of Grinnell College, Iowa.

* Best short fiction. Philadelphia Festival of short films.

* Best screenplay. International Festival of short films from Miami.

* 2nd place. Best short film. International Festival of independent cinema Elche, Spain.

* 3rd place. Best short film. Athens International Film Festival, Ohio.