Sebastian Silva (born 9 April 1979;)(Santiago, Chile) is a director, screenwriter and Chilean singer. Nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his film nanny.


Between 1998 and 2000, Sebastian Silva studied film at the Chile film school. Then, within two years of study English advanced at Mc Gill University, Montreal, Canada. Along with this, since 2002 make a French course in the French Cultural Institute and an animation workshop by Thomas Wells. Later in the summer of 2003 performs a human figure in the Catholic University of Chile workshop. Finally, during the 2005 and 2006 he attended classes in history of cinema and cinematic story (dash), by Pedro peirano.

In his career as an audiovisual artist was painter, designer and videísta. In the cinematographic field, has developed the direction and mounting of the feature-length documentary REC, carried out by Diroriro Films, material participated in international festivals of documentary films. In 2006, he carried out his first feature film called life killing me, produced by fable which was director and screenwriter, work which premiered in November 2007. He serves as creative editor designing from graphic posters to ideas for advertising campaigns for national and international brands. Along with this, it is the composer and singer of the CHC group.

Nanny you earned Altazor award for best director; film also participated of the triplet finalist in the Academy Awards (2010).



* Life kills me (2007)

* Nanny (2009)

* Old cats (2010)


* Life kills me (2007)

* Nanny (2009)

* Old cats (2010)


* 31 minutes, the movie (2008)


With CHC

* Quite real (2003)

* What It Is is what is (2004)

* The thing (2007)


* Pedro Sienna award: best film (life killing me)

* Sundance Film Festival: best film (nanny)

* Altazor Awards: best director (nanny)

[Edit] Nominations

* 2010 Golden Globe: best non-English language film (nanny)