Luis Guridi García (born 19 June of 1958 in Madrid) is a film director Spanish, Member of The gang together with Santiago Aguilar alvear. And actor. Among his most famous works, “Justin, a killer of the third age”, “Matthias, line judge” or “Brown Camera


Luis Guridi was born in 1958 in Madrid and holds a degree in image Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid. In 1994 he writes and directs together with Santiago Aguilar (under the nickname La quadrille) Justin, a killer of the third age “, which receive 2 Goya Awards from the Spanish Academy of cinema to its protagonist, Saturnino Garcia, actor revelation and to the best novel Director, as well as the prize for best film at the Sitges Film Festival, among others. In this first feature film as a member of the gang you will write and direct other two feature films to complete the trilogy Spain by the back door.

Toggles the gang film work with others alone such as advertising, with campaigns as “summer song” 2003-2004 you get Wave award 2004 or the campaign of 2001 EURO Europe Prize for the best campaign on the euro. He has also spent the address and realization of television programmes, among which, by its media, ECHO can be highlighted as sketches “Brown Camera” program, and the production of small pieces for the internet, among which is worth mentioning “the Güebones”.



Feature films

* Justin, a killer of the third age (1994)

* Matthias, line judge (1996)

* Atilano President (1998)

Short films 35 mm (1984-1998)

* Cupid fell in love with (1984)

* Governor Huracanado (1985)

* Fish…(1985)

* Shh… (1986)

* Hey cake cake (1987)

* The daughter of Fúmanchú 72 (1990)

* Justin goes farra (1998)

Super 8 shorts

* About 35 short films filmed in super 8 format between 1985 and 1990


Between 1994 and 2006 performs a number of advertising pieces to the production company Strange fruit, first and for the production company Nine to five later. Between all of them because of their relevance they Excel:

* 2004-2005 – eleven campaign; “The songs of summer” (the lids, the crème, etc).

* 2001 Campaign of the Euro; The Garcia family presents the Euro Spain.

* 1995 Solid Jeans; Photo booth for strange fruit.

* 2005 Burgh of Arias; Salt people. Mercedes lucuriga reinterprets Chenoa.

* 2005 Campaign Movistar; Mus online Championship.


* 1993 “This encourages”. Hidden cameras for Antena 3.

* 1994-1995 – Demos for the program “what you need is love” (fictitious) of Antena 3.

* 2000-2002-“Canalone” (fictitious) for the program “the + plus” Canal +.

* 2003 “It’s finally Friday” (luc Banana), short pieces for Antena 3.

* 2005-09-“Brown camera” (Magnolia) for Telecinco.

* 2010 “The island of nominees” for four


* 2002 – The Güebones on behalf of

* 2004 – Coca-Cola; Viral marketing for the summer season.

* 2004 – Jazztel; Viral marketing for promotion of tarifa plana.

Books and publications

As a member of the gang are published three books: one of dashes and two others of autobiographical character of the group.

* 2006 – Best of café Camera. Santillana.