Jorge Loriga torrenova known as ray Loriga, (Madrid, 5 March 1967) writer, screenwriter and film director Spanish.


The son of José Antonio Loriga Illustrator and voice actress is Mari light Torrenova. After working in various trades and publish stories in various publications like Underground or the singing of the crew, he made his debut in 1992 with his worst of all novel. This great success of public and critics and was released across Europe, as example of literature of the so-called generation X, term that the author has been always more than doubtful.

His novel “heroes”, inspired by rock and whose title comes from a David Bowie album, approached aesthetically Beat Generation, mainly to authors as Carver, Kerouac and Bukowski. Closely related to film, debuted as a director in 1997 with the gun of the brother, adaptation of his novel fallen from the sky and that of his then girlfriend, christina rosenvinge, singer appeared Daniel González, viggo mortensen, karra elejalde and Nico bidasolo. In 2006 he has filmed Teresa, Christ’s body, which deals with the life of Teresa of Jesus, starring Paz Vega, along with Leonor watling, Geraldine chaplin, José Luis Gómez and Eusebio poncela.

In 1997, he collaborated on the screenplay of the film by Pedro Almodóvar, flesh. Also wrote the screenplay for the film in 2004 the seventh day of Carlos saura and in 2005 together with the director and elio quiroga wrote the screenplay for Daniel calparsoro absent.

The continuation of strange days, under the name of a book made up of several articles even more strange days, a letter to Rodrigo fresán and a couple of stories was released in 2007.

He is the father of two sons, Willem and Kay, fruit of his relationship with singer christina rosenvinge, which divorced. He has also been romantically linked with top model Eugenia Silva. His last published book has been “because only speaks of love” (2008), whose host was rather cold and the stories “the officers and the fate of Cordelia” (El Aleph 2009).


Year       Title       Genus

1992       Worst of all         Novel

1993       Heroes                 Novel

1994       Strange days      Stories

1995       Vault of heaven                Novel

1997       Live flesh             Screenplay

1997       My brother pistol             Screenplay

1999       Tokyo no longer wants us to       Novel

2000       Trífero Novel

2001       All the world aircraft       Screenplay

2004       The seventh day              Screenplay

2004       The man who invented Manhattan         Novel

2005       Absent                 Screenplay

2006       The Indians do not make noise Children’s story

2007       Teresa, the body of Christ            Screenplay

2007       More strange days          Stories and articles

2008       It speaks only of love     Novel

2008       Anarchist women            Screenplay

2009       Officers and the fate of Cordelia               Stories

2010       Hat and Mississippi          Novel

[Edit] Filmography

Year       Title

1997       My brother pistol

2007       Teresa, the body of Christ