José Antonio de la Loma Hernández (Barcelona, March 4, 1924 – Barcelona, 6 April 2004) was a director and screenwriter Spanish.


Military son in principle devoted her life to education and worked as a school teacher in Chinatown of Barcelona in the 1940s.

But since his college days, and on T.E.U. you have already started to become interested in the world of interpretation and founded, together with Juan Germán Schroeder, El Corral – company.

His debut film in 1953, by adapting the daughter of the sea of Ángel guimerá. After shooting some spaghetti western during the 1960s, turned to a cinema of social criticism, which wanted to reflect how to understand life and death of young offenders that have emerged within a new urban class settled in slums of large cities as a result of emigration of the 1960s and 1970s. It was known as quinqui cinema.

Those titles were accommodated as adolescent non-professional interpreters of low social origin which in some cases did not only interpret their own lives. It was the case of Juan José Moreno basin, actor I, El Vaquilla (1985) or Angel Fernández Franco, protagonist of Dogs Callejeros (1977) and recent shocks to “El Torete” (1980), three of his most emblematic films. The real end of actress, in this case, Sonia Martínez, protagonist of Street Parris, nor is far much that could have been his Berta character.

He cultivated the literature, and wrote several novels: without the smile of God (1949), service station, The eleventh commandment and the cry of freedom (1976).


* Three days of freedom (1996)

* Lolita nude (1991)

* Fine gold (1989)

* Passion of man (1989)

* Squadron (1988)

* Street Parris (1985)

* I, the Heifer (1985)

* Goma-2 (1984) (as Anthony Hill)

* Playing with death (1982)

* Recent hits ‘El Torete’ (1980)

* Street dogs II (1979)

* Never in lesson (1978)

* Street dogs (1977)

* El Molino, joyful girl (1977)

* New Marilyn (1976)

* Machine gun ‘stein’ (1975)

* Last trip, the (1974)

* More fabulous coup Far-West (1972)

* Timanfaya (1972)

* RAID, the (1971)

* Coup (explosion) (1970)

* Nassau Bahamas, the (1969)

* Indianapolis (1969)

* The Caribbean Islands: Barbados (1969)

* Virgin Islands: St. Thomas (1969)

* Unusual New York (1969)

* Floating City (1968)

* Magnificent Tony Carrera, the (1968)

* Monza Grand Prix (1968)

* Samtpfötchen dreht sein letztes Ding (1968)

* Mission in Geneva (1967)

* Why keep killing? (1965)

* Arabia toto (1964)

* Live a long winter (1964)

* Fugue desperate (1960)

* World for me (1959)

* Dirty hands, the (1957)