Michael Robert “Bob” Gale (25 may 1951, University City, Missouri) is a screenwriter American, was nominated for an Academy Award for writing science fiction film along with teammate Robert Zemeckis Back to the Future, also wrote two sequels. Gale also produced three movies. He is married and lives in the Los Angeles area.

When I was young, created his own comic strip, and founded a comic book club in St. Louis. Then, made a series of films together with his brother Charles Gale were parodies of the Republic Pictures Commando Cody (using the name “Commando Cus”) series, the last two films were made alongside his friend Richard Rosenberg. In Back to the Future there is a reference to the character of these films, Marty McFly is “Cusco Industries” used in the future.

At the University of Southern California met his classmate Zemeckis. Since they were both writers, collaborated on movies I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Used Cars, 1941 and Trespass. In 2002, Gale debuted as a filmmaker with Interstate 60.

Gale was also writer of comics, including Daredevil for Marvel Comics and DC Comics Batman.